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Infrared medium format camera: Fujifilm release IR version of the GFX100

(Image credit: Fujifilm)

Fujifilm has announced the release of the GFX100 IR, a new variant of the popular medium format Fujifilm GFX 100 digital camera.  This will make the GFX100 the only medium format camera currently available in commercial distribution with IR shooting capabilities, and the model with the highest native resolution. 

The GFX100 IR will produce 100MP files with maximum dimensions of 11648 x 8736 pixels or up to 400MP when the new Pixel Shift Multi-Shot function is implemented. This is especially exciting for industrial-level users, who may choose the camera for forensic or scientific tasks. 

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The high resolution and IR capability will allow extreme and possibly hidden detail to be revealed in subjects such as artworks featuring complex layering of paints. Using the IR end of the spectrum can uncover details not visible with a full spectrum camera or the human eye. This will help in the identification of currently anonymous pieces, where brush strokes and even faded artist signatures may be uncovered, through analysis at a pixel-by-pixel level.  

The standard GFX100 has an almost identical specification but is a general purpose camera. (Image credit: Fujifilm)

In the field of forensic applications, the camera could be put to use revealing tiny discrepancies in handwriting or printing processes, helping to identify counterfeit  documents or capture important details in evidence. The latter could make the difference between solving a crime and failing to connect suspects to places and objects. 

Adding to the versatility of the GFX 100 IR, extra filters placed in front of the lens will allow images to be capture within specific wavelengths, for target 'looks' or to examine specific materials. Furthermore, by using an IR cut, filter full color images can be achieved. Tethered shooting is also possible when the camera is connected to  Capture One or a similar software suite. 

 If you're hoping to add this camera to your Christmas list you may be in for a disappointment however. The GFX100 IR is designed specifically for the aforementioned industrial applications and will be not be general circulation. You will be unable to purchase the camera for personal use since the transaction can only be completed with a signed GFX100 IR User Agreement, which specifies the terms of use.  If you are an art analyst or forensic scientist though, you can pick one up from the first quarter of 2021. 

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