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Huawei files patent for smartphone with under-screen camera

Huawei under-screen camera and icons in bezel smartphone
(Image credit: Let's Go Digital)

Huawei has recently filed a patent for a high-end smartphone that will not only seemingly include an under-screen camera, but will also feature an innovative bezel display at the top of the phone. 

Manufacturers have traditionally sought to reduce the size of camera phone bezels so that the screen takes up as much space on the phone as possible. However, rather than erasing the bezel completely, Huawei seems to be trying a different strategy. Rather than being a blank black, the bezel on this phone will display information, such as the time, battery percentage and connectivity information.

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As reported by Let's Go Digital, it also seems that this new camera phone design will feature an under-screen camera, as the front-facing camera module isn't visible on the patent. Many phone manufacturers have been experimenting with under-screen cameras over the past few years. Similarly to the bezel, the camera notch on smartphones is often seen as an ugly blight on a phone's display – and an under-screen camera seems to be the leading strategy to erase this at the moment. 

The patent that Huawei filed also shows a large rear camera bump that will house four camera modules. The camera bump on the back of phone protrudes quite a bit which could indicate that Huawei will produce this phone with the telephoto lens currently found on the Huawei P40 Pro Plus.

It's currently uncertain whether this smartphone patent from Huawei will ever see the light of day. Nonetheless, this could potentially be an important innovation for the company, especially considering the difficulties it has had in the markets due to the sanctions from the US. Producing competitive technology may be a crucial element in helping Huawei to maintain and improve its market position. 

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