Hasselblad X2D: what do we know so far?

Hasselblad X2D leak
(Image credit: Weibo: Xjrumo / Hasselblad)

Update: 6 July 2022 Photo Rumours has recently posted a new leak regarding the possibly soon to be announced Hasselblad X2D. This new leak shows a manufactured top plate of a Hasselblad X series camera with X2D engraved as the model number. 

Previous leaked images have shown this top plate before, but the images where grainy, and didn't look like true to like images. However, with this latest leak you can clearly make out that this is a real X2D top plate, with opening for the LCD screen which leads this article. 

Hasselblad X2D

(Image credit: Photo Rumors)

Another thing to note is the color, the X series has always been a space grey with limited edition black colourways, yet this top plate shown in the leaked image is clearly jet black, could this indicate that the new model could come in space grey and black variants from launch? Only Hasselblad can confirm that, but I think it would be a wise move to have both colourways available at launch.

This leak also raises the questions, if the Hasselblad X2D is already being made and primed for production? - yes, is a possible answer with a rumoured launch date of Summer 2022, or this could just be the same top plate from the already seen prototype doing the rounds. One thing is for certain, the new Hasselblad X2D will have a top LCD for camera settings and will be available in black, in some form.

Original story: The Hasselblad X series has been a rather interesting journey for the medium format camera giant, first came the X1D with a newly equipped 50 megapixel medium format mirrorless sensor, then the X1D II which improved upon its predecessors flaws. 

Now the rumor mills are starting to talk more about the Hasselblad X1D II successor, which is being referred to as the X2D. So what do we know about this camera so far?

(Image credit: Weibo: Xjrumo)

Well, it has been rumored for a while that this compact medium format mirrorless system would inherit the 100 megapixel medium format sensor from its big brother the Hasselblad H6D 100c, and I can see this logic coming into practice, the H series or cameras rely on mirrors and therefore are a rather chunky and heavy setup to carry around, and more suited to studio use. 

If the X2D where to be given that 100MP sensor, it would then become a viable option for upgraders and those looking to have the best resolution possible in a compact format, this would then in turn be a direct competitor to the popular Fujifilm GFX 100S - made popular by its size to resolution capabilities. 

Other noteworthy features that have allegedly come from a Hasselblad representative in France, according to Photo rumors are:

  • Adjustable screen
  • Improved Live View
  • Top LCD screen
  • Better AF
  • in-body stabilization (IBIS)

(Image credit: Weibo: Xjrumo)

All these are worthy, even logical upgrades to the X1D II - they say there is no smoke without fire, but Hasselblad are yet to confirm any of the leaks so far. However, to add more fuel to that fire, more images have been leaked which looks like an X2D in the wild, some from previous leaks have appear to be rather skepticial, but these new images appear to seem more "life-life" than the others.

Three new Hasselblad lenses are also expected to be announced with the launch of the X2D, one already having leaked in a photo, mounted to an unbranded, dark grey Hasselblad X series body. The lens in question is a 38mm f/2.5, which can be backed up by a patent filed from Hasselblad.

The rumored price for the X2D body only is said to be around $8,000 and can be expected in summer 2022. As always with rumors we have to take them with a large grain of salt until rumor becomes an actual announcement from the manufacturer. However, looking at the leaked images and suggested specs all those could indicate that the Hasselblad X series will get a 100MP upgrade at some point.

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