Get over here! $8,100 Mortal Kombat iPhone 12 Pros

Get over here! Limited edition Mortal Kombat iPhone 12 Pros
(Image credit: Caviar)

Russian luxury phone brand Caviar has launched a trio of Mortal Kombat-themed iPhone 12 Pro phones, costing up to $8,140, to coincide with the launch of the new Mortal Kombat movie on 16 April. 

The Caviar iPhone 12 Pro Mortal Kombat phones are limited editions of the iPhone 12 Pro (opens in new tab) and iPhone 12 Pro Max (opens in new tab) based on three iconic characters from the Mortal Kombat videogame franchise: Scorpion, Shang Tsung and Shao Kahn (the latter of whom doesn't feature in the upcoming film). 

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All three phones are made of titanium, and they are each limited to just ninety-nine pieces, making them as rare as a Reptile appearance in the original Pit stage. 

The Caviar iPhone 12 Pro Scorpion is the most crowd-pleasing of the trio, featuring his signature kunai shattering an embossed gold skull with a streak of blood splashing across the back plate. It features "a golden ultra-strong PVD [physical vapor deposition] coating, which is used to cover luxury Swiss watches" along with "inserts of black G-10 – a multi-layer material based on epoxy resin and fiberglass, used in the manufacture of knives." 

Next up, the Caviar iPhone 12 Pro Shang Tsung Luminous depicts the former boss character drawing the soul from a defeated enemy, which glows (along with the text "Your soul is mine") in the dark. If that wasn't flashy enough, the phone also adorned with four "high saturation emeralds".

Finally, the Caviar iPhone 12 Pro Shao Kahn features the big bad's war hammer in titanium, sitting on a titanium throne, on a base of "resistant composite material".

All three phones are available as iPhone 12 Pro or Max models, with 128, 256 or 512Gb of storage. The Caviar iPhone 12 Pro Scorpion (opens in new tab) maxes out at $7,370 (approximately £5,359 / AU$9,679), the Caviar iPhone 12 Pro Shang Tsung Luminous (opens in new tab) tops out at $7,830 (£5,694 / AU$10,283) and the Caviar iPhone 12 Pro Shao Kahn (opens in new tab) at $8,140 (£5,919 / AU$10,689). 

Mortal Kombat will be released on 16 April both theatrically and on HBO Max. And don't forget, if you want to watch content like this on the best streaming services (opens in new tab), you'll want to get one of the best VPN (opens in new tab) services as well to unlock everything available on each platform! 

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