DJI to launch a medium format camera? Rumors and images suggest so

New DJI medium format camera leaked
(Image credit: Photo Rumors)

Back in 2019, rumor had it that DJI was producing a mirrorless medium format camera that very closely resembled the Hasselblad X1D, as it had registered a non-branded Chinese clone of the Swedish camera (DJI, of course, owns Hasselblad). 

These speculations have resurfaced following two leaked images that reveal a new DJI-branded camera, again in the shape of the Hasselblad X1D (opens in new tab). In addition, fresh reports of a new Hasselblad X2D expected in 2022 have also made headlines. 

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While the Chinese manufacturer is best known for its line of DJI drones (opens in new tab) and action cameras (opens in new tab), it also became the majority stakeholder of Hasselblad products around five years ago – meaning that it technically owns the rights to some of its original models. With this in mind, it's not out of the question for DJI to reproduce an almost carbon copy of the Hasselblad X1D and re-release it with a few changes.

The initial rumors of a new medium format camera began in early 2017, when a design patent and rebadged version of the X1D, without a product name, was registered online at CNIPA by DJI in Asia. Leaked images (courtesy of (opens in new tab) Photo Rumors) have recently resurfaced, and look relatively authentic, suggesting this medium format may in fact be a genuine product. 

(Image credit: Photo Rumors)
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As can be determined from the images, this camera looks pretty real. It's unclear as to where Photo Rumors got these images from, but it's likely a reliable source.

It doesn't quite make sense for DJI to compete against itself, with such a large stake in Hasselblad, so why remove the branded name that it paid so much money to acquire? Who is the target market of this new camera? Will it cost as much as the Hasselblad X1D II 50C (opens in new tab) or a few thousand dollars less?

A video (below) from YouTube channel Ordinary Filmmaker (opens in new tab) asks all the important and relevant questions that we too are pondering, following the unusual motive by DJI to create this duplicate camera, and what the intended use and purpose of this leaked yet possibly real DJI-branded medium format camera will be.

While the specifications and details of this camera are obviously unknown, it would be interesting to find out if it will feature the same 50-megapixel sensor as the original Hasselblad X1D. 

The front body of the leaked image does look strikingly similar to the original X1D, with a few minor differences including what appears to be a change of material used for the grip, a darker color palette and rounded AF Illuminator LED, similar to that of the Hasselblad X1D II 50C. 

(Image credit: Photo Rumors)
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The prospect of DJI entering the medium format camera market is an intriguing one for sure, assuming the rumors and images are to be believed. We will update you with any new speculations and information, as and when we receive it. 

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