DJI Inspire 3: what we know so far (and we hope the rumors are true!)

DJI Inspire 3 render
(Image credit: DJI)

The first rumblings of specs for the DJI Inspire 3 have started to trickle through, and if true they are more than a little mind-blowing.

Before we get to what we know about the DJI Inspire 3, though, a quick refresher for those unfamiliar with the prosumer product line: the Inspire series launched in 2014 and delivered the first truly affordable professional cinematography drone to the open market.

Where you would otherwise have to build your own drone rig, and then attach your rather expensive cinema camera and fly it into the sky, DJI equipped the Inspire 1 with a built-in 3-axis gimbal capable of being flown by a single operator. However, it also came with dual controllers so a two-man crew could operate the flying of the drone and the position of the camera separately. 

This then lead to the development of the DJI Inspire 2 and RAW variants with interchangeable lenses, making these the most advanced cinematography drones anyone could own and operate with a small crew or purely on a solo operator.

Now, the rumor mills have started up with leaks flying in left, right, and center of a new professional drone from DJI, the DJI Inspire 3. First rumors of this new professional drone were shared via DroneDJ who stated that the expected successor to the DJI Inspire 2  was a major step up in specs from the Inspire 2 drone however, more rumors came to be shared by known DJI leaker @OsitaLV who shared the below image is specs that today in 2022 seem very real, and most of all possible!

OsitaLV has recently shared images and even a video of the suspected DJI Inspire 3 being tested in action.

(Image credit: OsitaLV)
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DJI Inspire 3: Leaked Specs

  • Super 35 or large format CMOS sensor
  • 8K 75fps, 6K 100fps, 4K 200fps
  • No crop at every framerate
  • RAW 12 bit / ProRes 4444XQ / 422HQ
  • New O4 video transmission with dual RC
  • CineCore 3.1
  • Time code sync
  • Omni-directional obstacle avoidance
  • APAS Pro
  • High accuracy maneuvering
  • Somatosensory gimbal control
  • Portable video receiver for director
  • Stepless iris adjustment

New Zenmuse X8 camera

It's common with each iteration of Inspire that DJI also announces a new Zenmuse camera system that is sold with the Inspire series of professional drones. Specs have also been leaked about the possible features this camera could produce, and if they are to be believed (no official comments from DJI yet) then this could be the biggest game changer in the professional drone market for serious aerial filmmakers.

What is really known about the DJI Inspire 3 at this point is very little, other than the fact the Inspire 2 is now 6 years old, it is certain that DJI is working on its successor. The leaked specs are not as far-fetch as they first seemed way back in 2018, for instance, half of that spec list is shared with the now popular, and controversial cinema camera from DJI, the DJI Ronin 4D.

Could DJI bring the existing Zenmuse X9 camera unit to the inspire 3 and call it a day? That's quite possible, and it would still be the most spec'd  drone on the market, without having to strap your $50,000 / £45,000 cinema camera to a professionally built drone that cost the same price. 

One thing is for sure, DJI will market this drone to be the perfect pairing to the DJI Ronin 4D - and to me, that means a Zenmuse X9 system or something of equal measure is the rumored Zenmuse X8, either way, it will be an exciting day for aerial cinematographers around the world when DJI announces the successor to the DJI Inspire 2, which still performs great today, but it's getting a bit long in the tooth for a 6-year-old bit of tech in the sky.

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