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Did you know that you can blur out your home on Google Street View?

Google street view blurred homes
(Image credit: Google)

Have you ever felt uncomfortable with the fact that your home is on Google Street View and pretty much anyone can view it? If so, then you might be happy to know that there's actually a solution to fix that. You can completely blur out your home on Google Street View by reporting it to Google. 

Google already automatically blurs out a lot of the imagery that it records, including data such as vehicle number plates, people's faces and any kind of violence that may have been incidentally captured. A great deal of this is done via AI systems in order to make things easier. However, Google also allows users to make manual requests if anything has been missed. 

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Not only is this a fairly simple process, it's also pretty quick too. Simply find your home on Google Street View and then navigate to the bottom right hand corner, where you'll find an option that says 'Report a problem'. Selecting this takes you to a new page where you can report your property. 

It's worth noting that once your property has been blurred out, it is permanent and cannot be reversed. However, there aren't really many reasons why blurring out your home would end up being a detrimental decision for you (we certainly can't think of any!).

Considering how much of our lives and personal information are surveyed and recorded by companies, it's great to see that there is some degree of control in this area. It's also heartening that the process of having your home blurred out on Google Street View is pretty straightforward. We hope that other companies follow suit and make retaining their users' privacy similarly simple. 

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