Could the Canon EOS Rs have a MOVING sensor?

Could the Canon EOS Rs have a MOVING sensor?
(Image credit: Canon)

The Canon rumors are certainly flowing thick and fast at the moment! We've recently sniffed out another tantalizing piece of information that could point to 2020 being a very interesting year indeed. There are whispers that Canon is working on a professional Canon EOS R body with a lens mount that can fit both EF and RF lenses.

Apparently, this upcoming Canon EOS R body (dubbed the Canon EOS Rs by some rumor sites) will be on the same professional level as the Canon EOS-1D X series, which is Canon's top-tier line. 

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At the moment, if you want to take advantage of Canon's mirrorless range, you either have to invest in their new RF lens range (which can range from a-little-bit-dear to eye-wateringly-expensive), or employ an EF mount adapter to enable you to use your old Canon EF DSLR lenses. 

However, this latest rumor from website Canon Watch could be a total game-changer for Canon users keen to use their legacy lenses, but frustrated at the prospect of fiddling around with an adapter. 

A moving sensor would enable you to use both RF and EF lenses without an adapter

A moving sensor would enable you to use both RF and EF lenses without an adapter (Image credit: Canon)

The way Canon is apparently planning to achieve this magnificent feat of engineering is by having a moving sensor. This sensor would essentially be mounted on a mechanical system that would move the sensor back and forth to suit the different flange distance (the distance between the lens mounted on the camera and the camera's sensor) of EF and RF lenses.

This would be a revolutionary piece of technology, but we would forgive you if you were harboring some healthy skepticism. Not only does this sound like it would be incredibly difficult to engineer, but it also sounds like it would be incredibly easy to break. What happens if the sensor is so much as 1mm out of place - how would that affect your photos?

However, Canon Watch says, "This makes more sense than you might think at first glance. Given how committed Canon is the Canon EOS R system, an EOS R body with hybrid lens mount isn't that unlikely in our opinion. And even if it is an engineering challenge, and for sure it is, Canon has the means and skills to build it."

Well, we can't argue with that. Whether this is just a fleeting rumor, or a more significant sign of things to come, we can't wait to see what becomes of this mysterious Canon EOS Rs

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