Check out this incredible BTS video of Dancers & Dogs in a photography studio

Beautiful photo series features dogs and professional dancers
Lily and Red (Image credit: Dancers & Dogs)

Dancers & Dogs began as a random idea had by St. Louis based photographers Kelly and Ian in 2017. This idea developed into a large-scale project with intentions to capture 100 dogs with 100 dancers in an elegantly stunning photo series and book.

A behind the scenes compilation video of the studio process shooting Dancers & Dogs was shared online a few years back, and quickly went viral with over 50 million views. The project has since been growing, and now includes cats too! 

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The husband and wife US photography duo, Kelly Pratt Kreidich and Ian Kreidich, were initially commercial portrait photographers who also specialised in the fields of dance, fitness and movement photography. 

Having many contacts and friends established in the dance industry, including the Saint Louis Ballet, helped the initial idea of Dancers & Dogs to come into fruition, and once the project took shape it was clear that they were onto something special. 

This unique and stunning project has come a long way since its first viral fame in 2018, and newly captured images shared on the project's Instagram page feature shoots with dancers and canine's in various locations such as rooftops in LA, cityscapes and beaches. 

The photographers behind Dancers & Dogs have also begun using vibrantly coloured and gradient backdrops, as well as working with new subjects such as pantomime dancers with intense makeup and extravagant costumes, disabled dogs, service dogs, rescue dogs, and even cats wearing tu-tus!

Beautiful dancers have been partnered with dogs of all breeds and loveable shapes and sizes to create the dynamic photos that make up the project. Working with several dog trainers and adapting to their four-legged subjects, Kelly and Ian have learned how to work on a dog's level. Professional trained Ballet dancers and athletic stunts are featured in the photos, and modelling dogs must meet specific criteria to be allowed to participate in the project.

Jordan and Marvel (Image credit: Dancers & Dogs)

This includes the ability to handle the intense and mysterious new sights and sounds of a photo studio (with a 30 minute adjustment time-slot provided) and hustle and bustle of a photoshoot. Dogs must be well-trained with perfect indoor manners, and able to sit and stay when owners are out of the frame. Only dogs who could handle the stress and excitement while posing comfortably for photos are featured in the final photographs.

Michael and Noble (Image credit: Dancers & Dogs)

The project has been compiled into a bespoke photo book that customers can purchase, along with a separate book featuring Ian and Kelly's new photography series Dancers & Cats. A range of apparel including t-shirts and jumpers are also available with inventive slogans written across that say 'Pirouettes, Pliés, Puppies'.

Wall prints, posters and calendars are available to purchase in addition from the online store as well as signed copies of the photo books with a portion of proceeds donated to benefit Stray Rescue. Be sure to check out the website and grab yourself a 2022 calendar while they're currently on sale!

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