Calibrite launches trio of monitor calibrators, with impressive specs

Calibrite monitor calibrator line-up
(Image credit: Calibrite)

Calibrtite has introduced its new range of display colorimeters for monitor calibration. Consisting of three new models, paired with brand new calibration software, the devices are said to have been designed for a new generation of displays.

(Image credit: Calibrite)

The line-up consists of the range-topping Display Plus HL, the mid-range Display Pro HL, and the entry-level Display SL. All three models outwardly resemble past X-Rite-branded monitor calibrators, but since Calibrite took over the consumer division of X-Rite's calibration business in 2021 there has been considerable hardware and software development, culminating in the devices launched today.

(Image credit: Calibrite)

Both the flagship Display Plus HL colorimeter and the Display Pro HL feature high-luminance sensors designed for more accurate calibration, including calibration of Mini-LED and OLED displays. The Display Plus HL is capable of measuring ultra-bright displays, with brightness up to a whopping 10,000 nits (cd/m2), making it suitable for calibrating Apple XDR displays. This colorimeter is pitched at filmmakers, editors, designers, photographers, and creatives who require the largest measurement capacity possible. It covers broadcast video standards like NTSC, PAL SECAM and ITU-R Rec.709, as well as BT.1886 tone curve for Rec.2020 – the standard for HDTV.

(Image credit: Calibrite)

The mid-range Calibrite Display Pro HL is capable of measuring up to 3000 nits brightness, and even the entry-level Display SL calibrator - though aimed at standard dynamic range displays - can still measure up to 1,000 nits brightness, which is brighter than most conventional monitors can output.

(Image credit: Calibrite)

All three new calibrators feature a native USB-C connection for easy compatibility with current and recent laptops. A Type-C to Type-A adapter is included, along with a storage/carry pouch.

Accompanying the new calibration hardware is the latest Calibrite PROFILER software. Calibrite is claiming up to 30% faster calibration than previous software, while also offering the new addition of projector and large panel display calibration. When used with one of the three new colorimeters, users can take precise control of settings like white point, luminance, contrast ratio and gamma.

(Image credit: Calibrite)

The new Calibrite devices are available to pre-order now from B&H, with availability scheduled for July 3rd. Expect to pay $169/£159 for the Display SL, $279/£229 for the Display Pro HL, while the Display Plus HL is priced at $339/£299.

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