Astrhori launches new macro lens that can see round corners

Astrihori 28mm F13 2X Macro Periprobe
(Image credit: Astrihori)

Today AstrHori has launched its third macro probe lens: the 28mm F13 2X Macro Periprobe. Not to be confused with the company's existing 28mm F13 Full-frame 2X Macro Probe lens, this new version has a front lens element angled through 90 degrees so it faces out of the side of the lens barrel, rather than the front end. This angled 'periscope' perspective may seem like a minor revision, but it opens up some intriguing new creative effects: try pointing the lens down into the undergrowth, or a stream, while that 90-degree lens angle captures a horizontal bug-eye view of the scene ahead. And thanks to a 25cm waterproof tip, you can immerse the front of the lens underwater.

(Image credit: Astrihori)

While the 90-degree probe extension may be new to the AstrHori range, it looks as though the rear section of the lens - that which incorporates the majority of the elements and controls - has been carried over from the existing 28mm F13 2X Macro Probe lens - the two appear outwardly identical at least. This would mean the new periprobe version inherits the a 21-element, 16-group optical stack with an f/13-40 aperture range and a 7-blade diaphragm. We do know that the rear section measures 140mm in length, while the periprobe extension adds a further 340mm, giving a total lens length of 480mm.

(Image credit: Astrihori)

If all this sounds vaguely familiar, Laowa tried something similar in 2022 when it released the Laowa 24mm T14 2x PeriProbe: another 90-degree periscope lens, and a development of Laowa's pre-existing 24mm f/14 2x Macro Probe.

The AstrHori 28mm F13 2X Macro Periprobe will be available for Sony E, Nikon Z, Canon RF, Canon EF and L-mount cameras, plus it's available in PL cinema mount. Expect to pay US$939/£839 for the standard version, while $1369 buys you the 'package version', which we assume includes a forward-facing probe extension in addition to the 90-degree periprobe attachment.

(Image credit: Astrihori)

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