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An 8K 60p Canon cinema camera is already in the field (report)

An 8K 60p Canon cinema camera is already in the field (report)
An 8K 60p cinema camera could combine the C500's chassis with the C70's RF mount

Not only has Canon developed a cinema camera capable of recording 8K 60p video, but a "beta version" of that camera is already being field tested, according to the latest rumors emerging online. 

In addition to its headline 8K 60p, this new Cinema EOS camera will also be capable of capturing 4K 90p – both in 12-bit RAW. It will feature a Super35mm image sensor and will almost certainly, following the lead of the new Canon EOS C70, feature the new RF mount. 

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There have been almost as many rumors about the upcoming Cinema EOS cameras than there were about the Canon EOS R5 and Canon EOS R6 before they ultimately materialized, 

We've already heard that Canon has two 8K-capable cinema cameras on the way in 2021 (via Canon Watch), with reports that a Canon EOS C50 and Canon EOS C90 will be joining the C70 next year (via Canon Rumors). 

Very early reports about the specs of the C50 – which is apparently based on the "same sensor technology as the EOS R5 but with 11.25MP resolution" and records uncropped 4K 120p (thanks, Canon Rumors) – differ to those reported for this 8K camera, so it is possible that the body being tested is actually the C90.

Either way, the specifications being posited for the beta camera in field testing, per Canon Watch, are as follows:

• Super 35mm 4K DGO sensor (same as Cinema EOS C300 Mark III)
• RF Mount
• Internal ND (10 Stops)
• CLog 2 & CLog 3
• 4:2:2 10bit onto SD cards up to 4K120 and 2K180
• No RAW capability internally at launch
• BP-A batteries
• Price: US$6,299

Canon certainly hasn't been shy about releasing new cameras lately, nor has it been gunshy about their specs, so we're eagerly anticipating more news on what the next Cinema EOS cameras might have in store. 

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