AirSelfie launches a fleet of new aerial cameras to take your vanity levels sky high

As CES 2019 gets into gear, we already have some new camera tech to get stuck into. 

Arriving today are three new airborne cameras from AirSelfie, following on from the original pocket-sized camera drone the AirSelfie, and its successor the AirSelfie 2.

The new models are the AIR 100, AIR ZEN and AIR DUO, all of which are designed for different users and boast different degrees of imaging tech to accompany their flight capabilities. According to AirSelfie’s briefing, the new cameras all come equipped with proprietary A.I.R. (Aerial Imaging Robotics) Technology and A.I.M. (Autonomous Imaging Mission) programming.

Let’s take a closer look at each of these three models in turn:

 AIR 100 

This is the affordable, entry-level version of the camera, aimed at novice photographers and videographers looking to take their first steps into airborne shooting. To this end, it shoots with a 12MP stills camera and is able to capture Full HD video, with a maximum flight time of six minutes. It can be paired with AirSelfie’s new One-Touch app (also debuting at CES) that allows users to capture, edit, view, and share their content.

The AIR 100 will start out retailing at $99.95 (£78.27).

 AIR Zen 

The AIR Zen is designed to have increased autonomy, able to fly and capture images and videos without the need for pairing with a smartphone. It can also track and follow subjects, thanks to AirSelfie Holdings’ Flight System.

It’s more technologically sophisticated than the AIR 100 across the board, with a water-resistant, carbon-reinforced body, and a 13MP camera with a 120-degree field of view. It also captures 4K video, as opposed to just Full HD, and all this extra tech doesn’t actually cost too much more – you’ll be able to get hold of one for $139.95 (£109.59).

 AIR Duo

This is a dual camera, aluminium-alloy quadcopter, which also has the autonomous flying system on board like the Zen. 

The AIR Duo comes with one 12MP camera with an 80-degree field of view, and another 12MP camera with a wider 110-degree field of view. Its maximum flight time is seven minutes, and like both other models, it can be controlled with the new smartphone app. This one retails for $229.95 (£180.07).

All three models will be available at some point during 2019, though precise dates are yet to be confirmed. 

The new cameras are expected to be available in the US, Canada, Spain, Portugal, Germany, UK, France, Republic of Korea, Japan, Russia, Turkey, Switzerland, Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Greece, Belgium and Luxembourg, though specific timings are yet to be confirmed. 

Keep checking out CES 2019 coverage for all the latest info on new releases from the show.

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Jon Stapley

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