Leica M11 leaked! First image of the new 50MP premium camera

Leica M11 leaked! First image of the new 50MP premium camera
(Image credit: Leica Rumors)

UPDATE: The first image of the Leica M11 has been leaked online. And while it only gives a glimpse at the top of the camera, it's enough to spot a couple of key differences from other Leica bodies.

As previously reported, the Leica M11 is set to feature a 50MP image sensor with variable resolution when shooting in RAW, offering additional 36MP and 15MP options. As also previously reported, though, the camera may miss its apparently intended 11/11 release date due to the ongoing worldwide component shortages.

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That hasn't stopped the leaks from continuing, though, as Leica Rumors recently shared an image said to be of the Leica M11 – and posted a side-by-side comparison to illustrate some of the changes. 

"Did you notice the differences?" wrote the site (opens in new tab). "Yes, everything is almost identical except the small (video?) button to the right of the shutter release. Also, the on/off switch is different."

With the planned 11/11 announcement date creeping ever closer, we expect plenty more leaks and info to appear soon.

The Leica M11 (left) compared to the Leica M10-R (Image credit: Leica Rumors)

UPDATE (08 Oct 2021): It looks like the Leica M11, previously reported to be released with a marketing-friendly 11/11 announcement, might be delayed until 2022. 

The Leica M11 is rumored to feature a new 50MP sensor with variable resolution – and it's new components like this that could account for the potential delay until next year, as it appears that Leica is struggling with the same component crisis as most other manufacturers.

"I received several reports that the rumored Leica M11 camera launch date could be pushed back because of the current global parts shortage and shipping crisis," reports (opens in new tab) Leica Rumors. "The new release date is now rumored to be at the beginning of 2022."

The component shortage has affected virtually every manufacturer of late, including everyone from Canon (opens in new tab) and Nikon (opens in new tab) to Ricoh (opens in new tab) and Laowa (opens in new tab). Sadly, things look like they're going to get worse before they get better…

ORIGINAL STORY (19 Sep 2021): Details have leaked about the rumored Leica M11, said to be coming on 11 November and featuring a 50MP sensor with variable resolution.

The Leica M11 would, of course, be the successor to the 24MP Leica M10, which was released way back in January 2017. Since then it has been followed by a number of new versions, from the black-and-white only 40MP Leica M10 Monochrom (opens in new tab) to the high-resolution, 40.9MP Leica M10-R (opens in new tab) both released last year. 

And it goes without saying that there have also been Leica's usual volley of special edition M10s, such as the Leica M10-P (opens in new tab) with the quietest mechanical shutter on the market, the Leica M10-D (opens in new tab) with no rear LCD screen, and the bullet-proof Leica M10-P Reporter (opens in new tab) (with Kevlar armor).

Still, we've yet to receive a true follow-up to the now four-year-old Leica M10 camera – though the latest leaked information reveals that Leica has registered a new camera, model 2416, which looks to be the M11. 

According to a registration (opens in new tab) with the Korean certification office, as spotted by reliable leaker Nokishita (opens in new tab), the camera will accept a brand new battery (BP-SCL7, which interestingly seems to be manufactured by Fujifilm).

Is this the new battery for the upcoming Leica M11?  (Image credit: Korea Fair Trade Commission)

On top of this, Leica Rumors cites a similar registration with the certification agency in Taiwan that confirms some rumored details about the Leica M11. 

As reported (opens in new tab) by the website, the camera will have:

• A sensor with variable resolution in RAW (50MP/36MP/15MP)
• No baseplate (setup like the Leica Q2)
• A new Visoflex 2 EVF (which will work with the current M10 models)
• USB-C support
• Wi-Fi (5GHz & 2.4GHz)
• Bluetooth
• New BP-SCL7 battery
• New BC-SCL7 charger

The site also expects the announcement to take place on 11/11/21, noting that the Leica M9 was announced on 09/09/09.

Obviously these are all rumors that should be taken with a pinch of salt. However, when certification bodies are involved, there is almost certainly fire to the smoke, so we could be getting the latest and greatest Leica rangefinder arriving in November.

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