These amazing talks are STILL available at The Photography Show

5 amazing talks we've seen so far at The Photography Show
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The Photography Show and The Video Show Virtual Festival might have closed its digital doors, but you can still access all of the amazing content produced for the show. If you missed out on a panel or talk the first time round, you've now got the opportunity to catch it again. Alternatively, if you loved a particular session and you've been itching to rewatch it, you can do so now.

From wedding videography, to wildlife photography, to building a hearty social media following, there are countless talks filled with exciting, inspirational and educational content at The Photography Show. We've picked some of our favorite talks from the show below, but there are so many more left to explore.

To access The Photography Show and The Video Show Virtual Festival again, simply go to the virtual event page. If you've previously registered, simply log in with your details again. If this is your first time visiting, you'll need to quickly register in order to gain access. 

Check out the official Photography and Video Show Guide online to see the full list of talks and demos that you can still access (currently excluding the Burst Mode videos). These talks will be available until 19 October, so make sure you watch as many as you like before that date.

In the meantime, whet your appetite and check out some of our favorite talks at The Photography Show below…

The best photography talks so far

1. Benedict Brain

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The art of seeing - crafting and composing your images by Benedict Brain

This interesting talk from Benedict Brain covers how photographers can upgrade their images by carefully thinking about how to compose their shots. As Ben explains, this talk isn't so much about how to take a photo, but examining why you should take it. One of our favorite tips is when Ben talks about finding beauty in the banal, "people who are new to photography sometimes get caught in the trap… of thinking that it has to be a honeypot location at the magic hour.”

You can watch Ben's talk at The Photography Show right now on the Main Stage under the Photo Skills tab, so simply head over to the official page and log in using the email address you used to register (if you haven't pre-registered, you can do so at the same link!).

2. Mick Shah

Introduction to wedding videography: moving from photography to video by Mick Shah

If you're a wedding photographer who's looking to add more versatility to your portfolio, or you're simply looking to learn more about how wedding videography works, we'd definitely recommend checking out Mick Shah's session on how to get more creative with wedding films.

Mick says that he knows what it's like to feel unsure about switching the camera dial from photo to video. However, his talk focuses on demystifying the videography process and shows how you can reinvigorate your creativity with video. Mick's talk is available to watch right now on the Main Stage under the Video skills tab.

You can find all of these talks on the Main Stage at The Photography Show & The Video Show Virtual Festival.

You can find all of these talks on the Main Stage at The Photography Show & The Video Show Virtual Festival. (Image credit: Future)

3. Ron Timehin

Day in the Life Ron Timehin image 10

(Image credit: Niall Hampton/Future)

Basics of business on Instagram by Ron Timehin

Whether you're a photographer or a videographer, social media can be an excellent marketing tool to help you show your work to as many people as possible. Whether you're chasing followers or prospective clients, Instagram is almost a prerequisite for any creative nowadays. But with the feed being oversaturated with photographers and videographers, how can you make yourself stand out?

Ron Timehin shares his insights on how to transition from using Instagram for pleasure to making it work for you and your business. Ron's talk is available to watch now on the Main Stage under the Connect tab.

4. Tony Harmer

Video editing for beginners by Tony Harmer

One of the most potentially intimidating areas of videography for beginners is the idea of editing video. Not only do you have to think about the aesthetic aspects of the image itself, but you also have to build a narrative from scratch by sourcing different video clips – and that's not even mentioning audio! Luckily, Tony Harmer has put together a session explaining video editing tips for beginners, sharing what techniques you can use to get great results.

You can watch Tony's talk right now on the Main Stage under the Editing tab.

5. Tommy Reynolds

Personal projects: Designing your life around what you love and finding your style by Tommy Reynolds

Finding your own personal style is definitely easier said than done. Some photographers can be shooting for years until they finally feel that they've developed a style that they're happy to call their own. However, one of the best ways to find your style is through personal projects. In this session, Tommy Reynolds explains why we shouldn't feel pressured to follow current trends and why we should instead strike out on our own with something different.

For Tommy, being different is far better than being perfect, so check out his talk on the Main Stage under the Create & Motivate tab!

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