Your eyes are around 124 megapixels. Time for an 8K TV?

Close up of a pair of golden-brown eyes
(Image credit: Future)

Resolution is a word so entrenched that we barely even know what it means. That hasn't stopped some from making some pretty big claims about the human eye's resolution, though, so before we get to the big numbers, let's define our terms.

I think it's fair to say that, in the world of photography, resolution has two meanings. We talk about the absolute resolution of an image in terms of the square pixels that make it up: "That photo is 60 megapixels." We also speak of the physical resolution of a display in terms of PPI (pixels per inch): "That is a really high-res display, it is 460PPI." On a display, each pixel might actually be three points of light – red, green, and blue. Print is another matter, because a pattern of ink dots is needed, but we'll leave that discussion aside. 

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Adam Juniper
Managing Editor

With over 20 years of expertise as a tech journalist, Adam brings a wealth of knowledge across a vast number of product categories, including timelapse cameras, home security cameras, NVR cameras, photography books, webcams, 3D printers and 3D scanners, borescopes, radar detectors… and, above all, drones. 

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