What's the number 1 photography tip for new GoPro users?

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(Image credit: Daniel Suárez)

With World Photography Day right around the corner on August 19, we're celebrating photographers past and present, bringing you the latest tutorials and pulling together top tips from pro photographers from across the industry.

Unlike the first cameras that were invented, today's cameras now come in models small, tall, wide and long. They're designed for thousands of different uses and subjects, from creative photography (where the best professional cameras can come in useful, to practical (think, the best borescopes).

Action cameras, in particular, the best GoPro cameras are relatively (at least compared the advent of photography) new to the industry, and they've not only revolutionized the way that we can take stills and video, but where we can take our cameras, too – in short, everywhere!

We recently spoke to expert GoPro photographer and film director Daniel Suárez. If you can’t tell from his popular Instagram profile, Dan is an underwater and travel photography pro using the GoPro HERO10 Black! This World Photography Day, Dan is sharing his advice on everything from his favorite settings and most-used mounts, to his number 1 photography tip for new GoPro users.

Once you've gleaned Dan's advice below, why not head over to our World Photography Day hub to find out more about the day.

Expert GoPoro user
Daniel Suárez headshot
Expert GoPoro user
Daniel Suárez

Daniel Suárez is a film director from the Canary Islands and has been using GoPro cameras for his work for many years. He’s currently working his dream job, travelling the world to find the most beautiful places and creating content to share with the world. After winning an international video contest in 2019, he’s made a living from his trips and the content he creates with his GoPro cameras.

Hey Dan! Which GoPro feature/setting do you use the most, and why?

GoPro cameras have many amazing features and settings, but the ones that I use the most for taking pictures are: Time Lapse in 0.5s, Photo Mode, Time Lapse 0.5s.

It allows me to take multiple pictures (from 10- 100s) and then I can pick the best one later on. You get a super-smooth playback since you are capturing every moment of the event in action. You don’t miss a thing and the results are truly incredible.

(Image credit: Daniel Suárez)

What is your favorite way to capture content?

As a content creator, I’ve always been fascinated with how the camera can help to expand our vision and freeze a moment in time. However, today’s cameras can do far more than that! They can capture a long sequence of ‘moments’ that would be difficult for the human eye to really notice.

I’m always looking for the real moments. The feelings. The emotions. Real time, fresh and genuine content - I need to feel something when I see my content. As an artist it is very important to me to make people feel something about my work. I want them to feel that they could literally be there, because the content is so good. The ultimate goal is to create a connection between the audience and the photo/video. Because of this, I mostly feature a human figure in almost all of my content (photo/video) to help to create that feeling, so viewers can really see that it could be them.

(Image credit: Daniel Suárez)

What sport/activity do you use your GoPro gear for most?

I mainly use my GoPro for capturing content whilst traveling and exploring underwater.

(Image credit: Daniel Suárez)

For your sport/activity, do you have any top tips for the best settings to use to capture epic photos?

The image quality on a GoPro is excellent for brightly-lit outdoor shots.

Tips for the best settings:

 • Always wipe your lens.

 • Always shoot in natural color – this is the absolute BEST for me.

 • I like to shoot in Vertical Mode (9:16). As we’re consuming content 24/7 in vertical mode on socials it’s easier and faster to connect with your audience, you share more information and insight this way. 

If you also add some equipment to your GoPro it allows you to take the epic shots from the right angles. For example: using the 3-Way or El Grande Mount to get more in your frame.

(Image credit: Daniel Suárez)

For those starting with their first GoPro, what would be your number 1 photography-tip for getting the best content?

I read somewhere long ago: “The best camera is the one with you.” Users need to follow their instincts and take risks - they really need to go for it! If you already have an idea in your mind or you’ve always wanted to do something different, just do it. When you see the final result in front of you and it's better than you ever expected, you’ll be super pleased that you did. Of course, this doesn’t happen everyday but the more you try the better results you have.

Try to get close to the action. Try to make creative compositions and be an early bird. Some of my best shots of my entire career were taken very early in the morning - that’s definitely something to take into account.

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