Photographing the majestic grey-crowned crane became my obsession

Wildlife photography
“I like to inspire a deeper appreciation for these magnificent creatures and ignite a collective effort to protect their future.” (Image credit: Ajith K Jose)

As a passionate wildlife photographer, Ajith K Jose finally realised his dream of capturing the endangered grey-crowned crane. At around a metre in size and with a wingspan of two metres, this majestic bird is a giant.

“For me, capturing the essence of the grey-crowned crane became an obsession. Countless hours were spent observing their behaviour, learning their patterns and gaining their trust. After numerous failed attempts and missed opportunities, I was able to nail this shot,” says Ajith. His tireless pursuit of the perfect shot was fuelled by his unwavering passion, patience and perseverance.

Wildlife photography
Ajith K Jose

Ajith K Jose is a skilled and passionate wildlife photographer who has dedicated his career to capturing the beauty and complexity of the natural world. Based in both Kerala and Dubai, he travels to locations in search of rare and endangered species, showcasing the incredible diversity of life on our planet. Through his photographs, Ajith hopes to raise awareness about the pressing need to protect and conserve threatened wildlife. 


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