Photographer tells story of getting up close and personal with a python

The green tree python, Columbia, South Carolina, USA
The green tree python, Columbia, South Carolina, USA (Image credit: Joshua ‘Lowbass’ Sommerfeldt)

Reptiles have populated this planet for millions of years and yet they still have a certain mystique about them. The green tree python stands out with its luscious green color and offers much more than just a significant first impression. With such a strong subject, the photographer must act strategically to achieve a balanced end result.

Joshua Sommerfeldt’s portfolio includes many exotic species but he is particularly fond of photographing snakes. “They are one of the most misunderstood animals,” he says. “I want to show people that snakes are actually amazing and don’t deserve their negative reputation. Negative interactions with humans are rare and most would rather flee than fight." he adds.

Joshua ‘Lowbass’ Sommerfeldt

As a nature and animal photographer, Joshua 'Lowbass' Sommerfeldt has always been fascinated by the world of invertebrates and reptiles. He captures the often-overlooked creatures, showcasing their beauty and uniqueness. Joshua is the founder of The Web Creative Community, an online platform dedicated to educating and supporting creatives in their endeavors. Through this community, he has helped countless individuals connect with one another, share their knowledge, and grow their skills in the creative industry. With a passion for both photography and community building, Joshua is a true advocate for the power of art and collaboration. 


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