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A photo book is the perfect visual tool for the enthusiast and professional photographer. In an age where more photographers are turning to cloud storage and social media platforms to archive and present images, many of us rarely, if ever, print our work. While a website is a convenient way of creating a portfolio, nothing can beat a physical print for impact and emotional connection with the viewer. Being able to pick up and hold an image is an immersive experience, better communicating the story the photographer wanted to tell.  

Having a physical product to show to customers also opens up new revenue streams, through both direct sales as a standalone items, but also as a shop front for our wider portfolios. With a book of images we can arrange a collection of our best works into a unique journey for the reader – unlike our audience having to navigate between web galleries without direction. As a photographers, we have thought deeply about how each image fits within a larger database, so it can feel unsettling to have no control over how people move between each gallery. A photo book has a much more personal touch. 

 What’s more, it’s easier than ever to create your perfect photo book, using Saal Digital’s advanced design software. Featuring an expansive range of functions, this free downloadable software enables quick image resizing, bespoke design options and offline editing. High-end users also have the option to design their book to taste using an external application. This is made a breeze thanks to Saal Digital’s ICC profiles, for easy softproofing and Adobe templates for book creation in software like InDesign. 

And as one of the leading suppliers of photo products, Saal Digital is the best choice for helping you to quickly and easily connect with your audience. Saal’s wide range of photo books and print products offers something for artists of every level, from advanced enthusiasts to working pros. 

Whatever option you choose to design your photobook, Saal Digital will print it at industry-leading quality, in an exciting variety of materials and finishes. Why not try the full range of wall art, prints, cards, FineArt, calendars and photo gifts? 

If you’re new to photobook designing or short on time, the One Minute Photo Book option is ideal. For advanced photographers and designers meanwhile, the Comfort designer or Empty templates offer complete flexibility. (Image credit: Saal Digital)

Saal Digital offers an extensive variety of aspect ratios and sizes for their photobooks. A4 is a great choice for newborn or portrait photos while A3 and above is perfect for epic landscapes. (Image credit: Saal Digital)

Layflat photobooks ensure easy viewing of images which are printed across a full spread - a family group shot for example. With this option you won’t lose important detail to the book’s gutter.  (Image credit: Saal Digital)

Design the perfect photo book for your clients

1. Select your book type

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There is an option for every taste, budget and function. A hardcover book is great for a coffee table, reception room, or bedside bookshelf, but some clients or friends and family might find a softcover option more portable. The Saal Digital Professional line is the best option for high-end enthusiasts and pros, creating for a customer. 

2. Customise the cover and materials

(Image credit: Saal Digital)

Once you’ve chosen your favourite size and type, it’s time to select from Saal Digital’s huge variety of print materials for your photobook. The cover and paper finish will not only control the look of your images, but the tactile experience for your viewers. Glossy papers are perfect for bright, colourful photos so choose this for weddings and fun family portrait shoots. Choose a gift box for a personal touch. 

3. Choose a design option

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here are many page themes to choose from so, whatever the subject of your images, there is something for you and your clients. Here our shoot was a wedding so we picked a page theme which was minimalist and classy. This complements the detail-heavy images and allows our viewers to focus on what matters most - the beautiful bride and her beaming groom.

4. Layout your pages

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ICC profiles are available for each of Saal Digital’s finishes and materials. Downloading these from the website is quick and easy and once installed in image editing software, like Adobe Photoshop, will ensure perfect colour. Choose an instant photo layout option from the Layouts panel on the right of the window. 

5. Add text and page elements

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Arrange your images through the book to tell a story, from start to finish, guiding the viewer with text. Don’t use too much - let the images speak for themselves. Consider colour interactions to avoid clashes. Importantly, place your images so that critical areas are outside the gutter (the middle of the spread) although the layflat option makes sure detail isn’t obscured.

6. Finalise and order!

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Mix things up by occasionally inverting the page colour for a bespoke feel. Here we changed the background to black, grey or a gradient, to complement the featured images. Once you’re happy with your layout it’s time to hit Add to Cart and let Saal Digital’s expert printers craft your hand-made photobook with a quick turnaround.

Understand ICC profiles

ICC profiles are critical for the softproofing process – the procedure by which we can compare the image on our computer screen with how it will apear when printed on specific media. You can find the correct ICC profile for your choice of photo book and media from the Saal Digital website. Navigate to the correct profile for your chosen book and download the zip file. Unzip this and find the Profile within. On a Windows PC simply Right-click and choose Install Profile. On Mac you’ll have to move or copy the profile to Library/Colorsync/Profiles.  

(Image credit: Saal Digital)

(Image credit: Saal Digital)

Once the profile is installed you can Softproof your image in Photoshop. From the View menu choose Proof Setup and Custom. Here you can select the downloaded profile from the Device to Simulate dropdown and uncheck Simulate Paper Color. This will give a preview of how the image will look when printed on the selected media. Check relevant paramters from the profile settings on the Saal Digital website.  

(Image credit: Saal Digital)

Try these fantastic photo books

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Classic photo book

For your everyday photobook needs, this firm favourite choice amongst enthusiast photographers offers superb image quality at a perfect price. The glossy cover option makes images pop. If you’d like to print images for yourself, or as a keepsake for friends and family, this is the option for you. Use the One Minute Photo Book design mode to instantly select and populate your book with photos. 

(Image credit: Future)

(Image credit: Future)

Top reasons to choose

  • Quick and easy designing 
  • Great for a first photobook 
  • Perfect quality/price balance 

Photo book with linen cover

If you want your photobook to have a little something extra, why not select an alternative cover and page finish? Here we selected a linen cover, which gave our book a wonderful texture, which feels great to hold. We also tried the matte photo paper option this time. This has a luxurious, artistic feel to it and reduces reflections on your photobook pages.

(Image credit: Future)

(Image credit: Future)

Top reasons to choose

  • Extra texture 
  • Unique product concept 
  • Competitive pricing 

Professional line photo book with leatherette and gift box

For the ultimate photo quality and versatility, choose a Professional line Saal Digital photobook, to bring your images to life. There are no logos  - as is the case for all of Saal Digital’s products - so your book is personalised for your brand, while the handmade premium gift box is the icing on the cake. We selected the XT (extra thickness) paper option for an opulent high quality feel - excellent for a special gift or corporate clients of your photo business. All of Saal Digital’s high-end photobooks are passionately handmade, for a custom experience.

(Image credit: Future)

(Image credit: Future)

Top reasons to choose

  • Acrylic cover 
  • XT pages offer luxurious feel 
  • Handmade quality 

Get your first photo book with 50% off today!

There’s never been a better time to explore how a photobook can expand your brand and wow your customers and loved ones. Saal Digital are on-hand with 50% off your first photo book order. This special offer is valid for all photo book types including the Professional Line, with no minimum order value. But don’t wait - offer ends 12/31/2022.

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