Don’t get left in the dark: Grab Rotolight’s limited lighting deals

Photographers and videographers are fast becoming switched on to the advantage of Rotolight’s ever-expanding line up of portable and practical LED solutions. Ideally suited to both stills and video by virtue of being flicker free, silent in use and cool to the touch, a growing number of Rotolight products also offer the market-leading advantages of ‘shoot what you see’ continuous light of HSS flash with no recycle time when you need more power, all combined in the one unit.

Long-lasting light, time-limited offers

Now, for a short time only, you’ve the chance to grab a great deal on existing Rotolight products, suitable for both studio and location shoots. The manufacturer is currently running five product promotions but here we highlight our top three:

  • Purchase a Rotolight NEO 2 – recipient of Digital Camera magazine’s Gold, Best on Test and Lighting Gear of the Year awards  – for £299, plus get two FREE accessories worth £40 (pack of 10 coloured filters and a foam hand grip)

Rotolight NEO 2 offer bundle

Rotolight NEO 2 offer bundle
  • Purchase a Rotolight AEOS for £899.99 and get a FREE soft bag carry case worth £149.99

Rotolight AEOS offer

Rotolight AEOS offer
  • Purchase Rotolight NEO barn doors for £119.99 to control the light and grab a FREE softbox with two diffusion screens and an egg crate, worth £74.99

Rotolight NEO barn doors offer

Rotolight NEO barn doors offer

Place your order today – as these offers are only valid until the end of April, or until stocks last! Click here to get these offers.

The Rotolight advantage – at a glance

A pioneering British company based at the legendary Pinewood Studios, Rotolight specialises in creating award winning LED lighting, include a range of on-camera, location and studio lights, for use by photographers and filmmakers. Its countless ‘industry first’ solutions have been recognised via rave reviews and global awards for innovation, technical excellence and quality.

Image: Jason Lanier

Image: Jason Lanier

By way of example, Rotolight developed the round LED light, producing signature catch lights in a subject’s eyes, and is acclaimed for its ability to combine powerful output with a gorgeous, soft light that photographers and videographers are able to ‘wrap’ around their subjects.

Image: Jason Lanier

Image: Jason Lanier

Its current product line up comprises the on-camera NEO 2 LED, the ultra portable AEOS LED and the pioneering Anova PRO 2 studio light. All three have won industry plaudits (including three awards from Digital Camera for the NEO 2 alone).

The Rotolight range also offers up patented features unique to the company, including:

High Speed Sync Flash

A powerful HSS flash with ZERO recycle time, boasting up to 5x the maximum continuous light output for traditional photographic workflows. Just the one piece of equipment can be utilised for both flash and continuous light – not only delivering convenience but also cost effectiveness.

True Aperture Dimming

Removing the guesswork from calculating exposure, this automatically determines and displays the correct f-stop for the subject at any given distance, also eliminating the need for a separate light meter, speeding up your workflow. 

Rotolight NEO 2

Rotolight NEO 2


Save time in post-production and avoid the need to correct skin tones – simply by getting the colour correct in camera when the shot is taken. Dual controls provide fast, tunable colour, aided by an accurate Kelvin display. Providing the ‘magic’ is LED phosphor technology.

Find out more about these great deals here

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