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The best camera wrist strap in 2021

Included in this guide:

Best camera wrist strap
(Image credit: Peak Design)

Looking for the best camera wrist strap you can buy? This guide will show you some of the best designs for keeping your camera safe and to hand – and find the one that suits you best and at the best price available today.

A camera wrist strap may not be the first additional accessory purchase you think of as you lift your shiny new camera from its glossy box; especially as there’s usually a basic neck strap lurking somewhere in the bottom of the package. 

But, depending on the creative pursuit you wish to put said camera to, the strap provided may not be the most suitable. Consider action photography/videography, for example, whereupon you’ll want a camera strap that’s so reliably sturdy it readily won’t slip from your grasp when you’re surfboarding, kayaking, or skiing. 

Alternatively there’s travel photography, whereupon the thin straps provided at the outset aren’t the most comfortable around the wrist for hours on end. A day of sightseeing and exploring can leave you with a ‘ghost strap’ around the wrist when removing. Thicker camera wrist straps, and ones that allow your wrist to breathe can be the best option if you’re going to be wearing it for any length of time.

You’ll want to avoid an expensive leather strap however if you might be getting strap and camera wet. If you’re going swimming or snorkeling with the likes of a GoPro, then take a look at our recommendation for a strap that will float if you inadvertently let go of your precious device, or it slips from your wrist while doing the breast stroke. 

In short, the options that we’re featuring here are more than just your average camera wrist strap. They typically feature some clever innovations to ensure they are straps you’ll become very much attached to, in more ways than one…

(Image credit: Peak Design)

1. Peak Design Cuff Camera Wrist Strap

Stylish and comfortable camera strap to carry most mirrorless, DSLR and even medium format cameras

Item dimensions: 16.5x6.1x2.8cm
Material: Nylon with aluminum hardware
Color: Beige & grey, sage green, midnight blue, or black
Weight: 36g
Reasons to buy
Reasons to avoid
-Not immediately intuitive to use-Priced at a slight premium

This cleverly versatile, length-adjustable camera strap is thicker than the string-like variety typically bundled with any camera. For a start, its thickness ensures it not only provides comfort in use, but that it can be used with larger cameras, including mirrorless, DSLR and medium format, as well as, of course, GoPro’s and any pocket sized point-and-shoot. An ‘anchor link’ system provides speed, ease of use and security of operation, while slim, newly upgraded cords slip through camera strap loops or eyelets. What’s more it’s able to hold more than a whopping 90kg in weight, while it’s claimed that it won’t cause abrasion to your device. What’s even cleverer is that when not in use, this cuff type strap can remain worn on the wrist in bracelet fashion thanks to an embedded magnet that allows it to be wrapped around itself. Alternatively, it folds down into a sufficiently small and lightweight package to be stashed in a pocket. Neat!

(Image credit: MegaGear)

2. MegaGear Cotton Wrist Strap

Traditionally fashioned option, claiming to be more than a mere camera strap

Item dimensions: 21.2x5.6x2.8cm
Material: Cotton
Color: Cinnamon, green, mink, camel or black
Weight: 60g
Reasons to buy
+Variety of sizes to fit a variety of wrists+Affordable, +Practical
Reasons to avoid
-Length of strap is fixed/non-adjustable

Knotted like a giant hair ‘scrunchie’, this cotton weaved wrist strap in black or cream and offers equal parts comfort and convenience, whilst boasting sufficient strength to support a DSLR or mirrorless camera. It connects key ring-style to the eyelets or lugs of a camera via a small metal ring. Its coiled length is fixed, though there is a toggle near the ring end that allows its tightness to be adjusted dependent on the size of your wrist, enabling the camera to be kept tight against your palm. Depending on territories, there is a choice of color as well as size and length, this being either small at 23cm, medium at 75cm or large at 100cm. Simply put, when it comes to securing your camera, this one’s your flexible friend.

(Image credit: OpTech)

3. OP/TECH USA SLR Wrist Strap

Unassuming looking strap is plenty mighty enough to hold a DSLR with lens

Item dimensions: 27.9x3.49cm
Material: Neoprene pad, nylon webbing & leather tab
Color: Black
Weight: 43g
Reasons to buy
+Very affordable, +Simple and practical+Comfortable padding
Reasons to avoid

Reasonably priced and utilitarian in looks, this practical solution constructed from a 1.4-inch wide neoprene pad with nylon webbing and leather tab construction, can hold a DSLR with lens attached to the ‘tune’ of 4.5kg, so is literally no slouch. Its ‘uni-loop’ solution is claimed to make the attachment of strap to camera quick and easy, with a security slide feature tightening the strap around the user’s wrist. Some 11-inches long, this strap is designed to keep your camera never far from your palm, so any user can be up and shooting at a moment’s notice, complete with piece of mind that their photographic investment won’t slip from grasp. An easy to attach and detach solution that’s fuss free.

(Image credit: BlackRapid)

4. BlackRapid Wrist Breathe Camera Strap

Practicality and comfort in equal amounts from the ever-reliable photo accessory brand

Item dimensions: 22.6x2.5cm
Material: Nylon
Color: Black, blue, green or gray
Weight: 62.4g
Reasons to buy
+Comfortable and secure on the wrist, +Rugged construction
Reasons to avoid
-Expensive outside the USA

There’s nothing worse than a sweaty wrist – fortunately the aptly named Wrist Breathe Camera Strap from US strap specialists BlackRapid allows photographers to maintain comfort whilst keeping their camera close to hand. A strong yet flexibly lightweight nylon webbing construction with buckle allows the tautness of the strap to be adjusted to suit the user, with the camera itself attached via a robust brass and zinc alloy locking carabiner. A plastic protector is also included here to prevent the metal surface of this part of the strap from potentially scratching a connected camera. It really does seem like these folks have thought of everything.

(Image credit: ONA)

5. ONA Kyoto Leather Camera Wrist Strap

Premium look and feel leather option for traditionalists who nevertheless want to avoid your bog-standard strap

Item dimensions: 16x6x6cm
Material: Leather, with suede padding
Color: Antique Cognac
Weight: 9g
Reasons to buy
+Premium look and feel+User adjustable+Built-in scratch guard
Reasons to avoid
-Leather construction means it’s priced at a premium

We’re not sure what the connection is to the ancient capital of Japan, but if you’re looking for a premium strap that keeps your camera close at hand, then we may well have the ideal option for you. Fashioned in suede-padded ‘antique cognac’ leather, this one is for cameras weighing up to 4.54Kgs. If anyone is worrying about the morality of buying leather goods, fear not – this strap has, its manufacturer insists, been made from leftover material used to make ONA’s camera bags.  

Unfortunately though, quality leather goods cost – and so expect to pay up to ten times the amount of the budget wrist straps here for an accessory that looks traditional, but isn’t. Handy features include the ability to adjust its tightness according to the width of the user’s wrist, while it attaches to the camera itself via a durable steel ring. Fear not though, an adjacent scratch-preventing pad protects your camera from scuffs. This one is a class act.

(Image credit: Artisan & Artist)

6. Artisan & Artist ACAM 296 Acrylic Camera Wrist Strap

Acrylic strap with capability to hold a mirrorless camera with lens

Item dimensions: 26x2cm
Material: Acrylic
Color: Red, beige or black
Weight: 10g
Reasons to buy
+Simple yet effective option at a reasonable price
Reasons to avoid
-Not adjustable in terms of size or tightness

Mid-priced acrylic camera strap option with leather ‘details’ in un-missable bright red or serious black to tempt the photo enthusiasts. At just under an inch in width this option attaches to the loop of our camera via a simple leather loop rather than a metal ring, potentially avoiding unwanted scratches or wear to our device. Handmade in Japan, which adds a certain cachet, what you see with Artist & Artisan’s well-made products is pretty much what you get here. Simply attach the strap to your camera, slip the other end around your wrist and away you go; a fairly priced, straightforward camera strap that does the job it’s intended for.

(Image credit: Leica)

7. Leica Leather Camera Wrist Strap

Gorgeous look and feel calfskin leather strap to go with covetable Leica M or X camera

Material: Leather
Color: Cognac or black
Reasons to buy
+It's a Leica!+Leather
Reasons to avoid
-Leica pricing

Stick that famous Leica logo on anything and you know you’re going to be paying a premium for the product. Unsurprisingly that’s the case herewith this ‘cognac’ colored wrist strap made from calfskin leather (also available in black), principally designed for use with the manufacturer’s own X and M series cameras. Like other options here, the strap features an integrated protection flap to prevent the metal loop that attaches to the camera’s lug from scratching or chaffing the surrounding bodywork. Alternative leather wrist straps are available in additional colors from the brand for additional camera ranges. If you’ve spent big on the Leica camera and lens already, there’s no point in stinting on the strap.

(Image credit: Maveek)

8. Maveek Camera Wrist Strap Braided 550 Paracord

Not ‘just’ a camera strap, this is a one-accessory-fits-all solution

Dimensions: 1.7x0.7x23cm
Material: Paracord
Color: Camouflage or red/black
Weight: 16g
Reasons to buy
+Very affordable+Strong & versatile
Reasons to avoid
-Not specifically a camera strap as such

While it’s not specifically marketed as a camera strap – it’s suitable for tethering to a whole range of devices, including binoculars – this one comes in several colors, including our favorite in camouflage for photographers seeking to blend in with the great outdoors. Offering universal product compatibility, the strap is manufactured from durable paracord and comes with both a quick release clip and strong lanyard for both easy and secure attachment.  Claimed to be capable of withstanding around 200Kg of tension, sufficient that it could bear the weight of a body, this one is plenty tough enough to prevent an attached camera from falling to the ground. A microfiber cleaning cloth also comes as part of the valued added package.

(Image credit: Miggo)

9. Miggo Grip & Wrap Kit for CSC Cameras

Camera strap and protective wrap proves an innovative combination

Dimensions: 17x16x9cm
Material: Neoprene and soft lycra
Color: Black
Weight: 117g
Reasons to buy
+Camera case and camera strap in one+Extra layer of protection for your camera +Includes pocket to stash a lens cap
Reasons to avoid
-Can look like you’ve wrapped your camera in a sock-More expensive than a standalone camera strap

This interesting and innovative grip-plus-wrap combination provides an extra layer of shielding for your small-to-medium sized compact system camera or super-zoom – by in effect also morphing into a camera case or bag while it’s comfortably attached to your wrist. Or perhaps it’s the bag that morphs into the strap. Either way, a flexible inner pocket even provides a space to stash a camera lens cap when you’re shooting. 

With equal suitability whether the photographer in question is right or left handed, a bundle option is also available that includes a more conventional strap, which can be worn across the body to evenly distribute weight. Manufactured from a combination of neoprene and soft lycra, there is flexibility and comfort built in too. Yes, it may be more expensive than your typical wrist strap, but if you’re seeking to keep all your carrying options open, this one is worth investigating.

(Image credit: Nordic)

10. Nordic Flash Waterproof Camera Float

Affordable and flexible camera strap option for securing your device in both the wet and the dry

Dimensions: 16.76x9.91x5.33cm
Material: Foam and synthetic rubber
Color: Red, orange, yellow or pink
Weight: 9g
Reasons to buy
+Camera strap and float in one+Prevents camera being lost if you let go of strap in water, an inexpensive form of insurance against doing so
Reasons to avoid
-May not last much longer than the beach holiday it was purchased for

Here’s something a bit different. Available in a range of primarily colors – including a surely impossible to mislay bright yellow – this strap and float combination is aimed at those who are taking a GoPro camera or phone swimming or snorkeling, and don’t want it disappearing into the beautiful brine-y. Alternatively, it could be attached to a compact pair of binoculars, or just about anything one would attach a strap to. The comfortable foam filled accessory has been designed to float waterproof cameras up to 200g in weight, so we’re talking compact point and shoot cameras rather than DSLRs. Acting as inexpensive insurance, perhaps, rather than something you’ll necessarily covet in and of itself, this soft foam strap will float so your precious devices don’t sink. Saving an expensive device from watery doom may mean that this cheap and cheerful strap ends up being worth its weight in gold.

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