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The best camera sliders for video and filmmaking in 2021

best camera sliders for shooting video
(Image credit: guruXOOX/Getty Images)

The best camera sliders will help you create silky smooth tracking shots, to bring dynamism and impact to your videos. These long rails enable smooth maneuvring, so you can incorporate camera movements into your video with finesse. Read on for 10 of the best camera sliders across a range of prices and styles.

A video tripod with a great fluid head borders on essential for filmmakers and aspiring video pros, but if you want to achieve true videography mastery you'll need a great camera slider or dolly. 

Sliders are especially useful for creating impactful product videos. A track towards can illustrate the way light lands on a textured surface across multiple angles; a track across a can reveal a product as it enters a frame, only for it to disappear a moment later. You can mount a slider vertically to capture height and depth at the same time, or position it off-angle for less traditional but equally impactful results.

The best camera slider: What to look for

Sliders come in a range of styles and sizes. In fact, some of the best sliders in our list aren’t sliders at all, but dollies. These are wheeled tools that have repositionable elements that give then even more versatility for specific types of shots. For smoother motion, more premium sliders incorporate bearings, while some more affordable options just slide against friction.

Depending on the scope of your aspirations, the price of picking up the best slider or dolly could vary wildly. For anyone comfortable with the idea of spending a little bit more, you can opt for a motorized slider that can be controlled remotely. Anyone after a more affordable option, a simple dolly could be perfect when paired with a smartphone or action cam..

With so many options available, we’ve taken the stress out of the equation by picking eight of the best camera sliders. 

(Image credit: Rhino)

01. Rhino ROV Everyday

Compact and lightweight, this is the best slider for iPhones

Ideally suited for: DSLRs, mirrorless cameras, smartphones, action cameras | Skill required: Beginner | Extra accessories required: No | Bearings: No | Smartphone app: Yes

Easy to use
Compact and lightweight
Limited range
Inferior Android app support

Rhino’s ROV Everyday is a beautifully crafted motorized slider, and is an ideal choice if you’re after a more premium option than the Andoer L4 Pro for your mobile or action cam. With its unibody CNC milled rail, 24-hour battery life and lightweight body, and clocking in at under 1kg, its specs read like a slider dream. 

The ROV takes DSLRs and mirrorless cameras, but also ships with a phone mount. Specifically, phones that feature three optical zoom ranges (such as the Apple iPhone 11 Pro and Sony Xperia 1), can take the limited sliding range of 20cm and work wonders with it. Alternatively, even if you’re on rough terrain, the fact the Rhino ROV Everyday is a motorized slider rather than a dolly will mean you’ll still get smooth footage – something the L4 Pro wouldn’t be able to do. 

The Android app isn’t quite as capable as its iOS counterpart, and in fact, we’d recommend controlling it from an iPad if possible, as you’ll be shooting with your phone – naturally. All said and done, if you’re after a great automated choice to elevate your mobile videography, it’s definitely worth checking out the ROV Everyday, and if you need more range, the slightly pricier ROV Traveller is a full 40cm.

(Image credit: manfrotto)

02. Manfrotto Slider MVS60A / MVS100A

The best traditional DSLR slider

Ideally suited for: Video cameras, DSLRs, Mirrorless, Smartphones | Skill required: High | Extra accessories required: Yes (tripod) | Bearings: Yes | Smartphone app: N/A

60cm and 100cm models available
Heavyweight and durable
Perfect for experienced pros
Requires two tripods

Manfrotto's MVS60A and MVS100A are probably the best traditional DSLR camera slider available right now. Manfrotto is one of the most trusted names in photography for a reason. Its kit is seldom cheap, but quality and durability come as standard, and these slider, coupled with the MVH502AH video head, is testament to that fact. The MVS100A provides you with a 100cm (39 inch track) is the best choice overall, but the shorter 60cm MVS60A is attractive as it is obviously more portable (and more affordable)

At 4.5kg or 2.2kg respectively, these fully machined anodized aluminum sliders are heavy and solid. They feature a bubble spirit level, run on bearings and is the longest slider in our roundup, so will be ideal for cinematic scenes that benefit from a big, broad pan. There are some drawbacks – you’ll need to get a tripod head if you don’t have one already, and it’ll take a couple of solid tripods to keep it stable across its full sliding range. If you have both of the aforementioned though, these Manfrotto sliders coupled with a steady hand should get you some glorious shots. 

Best camera sliders: RatRig V-Slider 60

(Image credit: RatRig)

03. RatRig V-Slider 60

The best budget slider for video

Ideally suited for: DSLRs, mirrorless cameras, smartphones, action cameras | Skill required: Intermediate | Extra accessories required: Yes (optional RatRig legs, or tripod) | Bearings: Yes | Smartphone app: N/A

Low cost
Choice of slider lengths
Robust aluminum construction
If you want legs, they cost more
No motor, so getting smooth manual movement takes practice

The RatRig V-Slider is one of the most affordable sliders for serious video work. Made of anodized aluminum, the moving platform uses wheels and ball bearings to ensure that this can take a hefty load of up to 12kg. There are no fancy extras here... you provide the movement, so a steady hand an practice are what is need to keep the tracking smooth. You can fit your camera to the slider, but for more compositional finesse you will need a ball head. The rail then fits onto your own tripod, but there are optional V-Slider Leg Kit too – which allow a table or the floor as your support. This 60cm/24-inch version is a great all-round choice... but other lengths of rail are also available. The smallest is a 35cm/14inch, which is good if you want the rail to fit in your camera bag; if you want the most tracking distance the longest rail measures 120cm/47in.

(Image credit: Moza)

04. Moza Slypod

The best multipurpose camera slider

Ideally suited for: DSLRs, Mirrorless, Smartphones | Skill required: Medium | Extra accessories required: Yes | Bearings: N/A | Smartphone app: Yes

Smartphone controlled
Requires tripod to slide
Limited range

Every now and then, we come across a category-bending product that shouldn’t work but absolutely does. Today, it’s the Moza Slypod, which treads the fine line between a bit bonkers and genius all at the same time. In isolation, this monopod is a handy stabiliser, keeping your shots steady when you’re grabbing photos and videos on the fly, and it won’t weigh you down at 750g, with its carbon fiber body. 

Hook it up to a steady tripod though - yep, you heard right - and your monopod becomes a motorised, smartphone-controlled slider. Push a button and it’ll punch into action. With two hours of battery life, it might not be the best choice for day-long timelapses, but it does have a USB-C port for easy charging if you don’t mind being tethered during longer shoots. 

(Image credit: Andoer)

05. Andoer L4 PRO

This affordable dolly works well with smartphones and GoPros

Ideally suited for: Smartphones, action cameras | Skill required: Beginner | Extra accessories required: Yes | Bearings: N/A | Smartphone app: No

Not as smooth as competition
Suited to smaller devices

If portability coupled with affordability is the name of the game, then the Andoer L4 Pro is a three-wheeled wonder. Folding up like a Transformer, it’s small enough to fit in a small bag or even a big jacket pocket. Unfurl it, and you can thread on a ballhead and a smartphone grip for an excellent mobile dolly. 

Smartphones like the Sony Xperia 1 and action cams like the DJI Osmo Action have excellent image stabilization, and this makes them perfectly suited to the L4 Pro, which is only as smooth as the surface it’s wheeling across. 

Thanks to its size and remote control functionality, you can get fantastic motion shots in the tightest of spaces, and what’s even better is that with its repositionable wheels, it also offers a lot of versatility. While it’s definitely best suited to smaller cameras – it won’t take a C100 with a 500mm lens – you’ll still be able to get a mirrorless camera on it with a 50mm or pancake lens onboard if the need arises. 

(Image credit: ProAim)

06. ProAim Sway Slider

A non-traditional slider that's good for use with GoPros

Ideally suited for: Mirrorless cameras, smartphones, action cameras | Skill required: Intermediate | Extra accessories required: Yes | Bearings: No | Smartphone app: No

Short range
Requires a tripod and head

The ProAim Sway Slider is a very portable camera slider that's ideal for combining with your Manftrotto Pixi 2, ballhead and action cam. Despite the name, this isn’t a traditional slider. Instead, it delivers a sliding effect with a moving hinged system comprised of two long elements. Simply thread the Sway Slider onto your tripod, thread a rotating head on it and you're good to go, sliding from left to right and vice versa. 

The slider has a range of 40cm, which is impressive considering it fits in a big pocket, and it takes heavier cameras too – up to 3kg. That said, it's not quite as smooth or constant as a traditional slider across its range, so will benefit from practice, and the electronic image stabilisation action cams deliver. 

(Image credit: RatRig)

07. RatRig X-Slider

This budget camera slider is a great option if you have steady hands

Ideally suited for: DSLRs, mirrorless cameras, smartphones, action cameras | Skill required: Intermediate | Extra accessories required: Yes | Bearings: Yes | Smartphone app: N/A

Two-axis motion
Affordable pricing
No automation
Secondary rail only 40cm

The RatRig X-Slider is a seriously smart bit of kit that’s basically two sliders in one. The primary 60cm slider has a secondary 40cm rail secured perpendicularly on top of it. The top rail slides along the bottom rail, and the camera slides along the top rail. What all this translates to is two-axis manual sliding, left to right, forwards to backwards and vice versa. 

Why would you need it? One benefit is time-saving – with the X-Slider, you won’t need to reposition your camera or tripod when swapping from side-to-side, or pushing in or pulling out of your focal point. If you use the two axes simultaneously, you can also capture rich, fluid, dynamic pans across an entire horizontal plane. Paired with a great video head, it could enable you to create truly cinematic camera work. The secondary rail is 40cm, so isn’t too long, but given the fact the whole thing comes in at such a sensible price, we’re hard-pressed to complain.

(Image credit: Sevenoak)

08. Sevenoak SKDS60 Dolly Slider

This great-value slider is ideal if you're on a budget

Ideally suited for: Video cameras, DSLRs, Mirrorless, Smartphones | Skill required: Medium | Extra accessories required: Yes | Bearings: Yes | Smartphone app: N/A

Versatile functionality
Affordable price
Feet can slip when sliding
No good for small-scale shoots

The Sevenoak SKDS60 Dolly Slider is our affordable Jack-of-all-trades – it’s a slider and a dolly in one, meaning it has both feet and wheels. The feet keep it in place when you want to take advantage of its 60cm sliding length. The plate, which needs to be attached to a head, has a tension screw that can be tightened at will. It delivers a seriously smooth glide for the price, and is a piece of cake to set up and use. 

Want something a bit more dynamic? Engage the wheels, which can be angled to create a circular slider effect. Ideal for panning around products, or bringing an element into shots in a roundabout way, the dolly function it a great addition to this affordable slider. 

There are a couple of potential pitfalls – the feet can slip when the Dolly Slider is on a smooth surface. The dolly function, in addition, isn’t suited to small scale shoots – at 60cm, it needs a fair amount of space to glide across. If you have all the room you need and don’t want to break the bank though, Sevenoak delivers plenty of bang for buck with this novel slider.

(Image credit: SYRP)

09. Syrp Genie II 3-Axis Pro Slider Kit

This comprehensive motorized slider kit gives you beautiful control

Ideally suited for: DSLRs, mirrorless cameras, smartphones, action cameras | Skill required: Advanced | Extra accessories required: No | Bearings: No | Smartphone app: Yes

Comprehensive motion control
Great app support
(Very expensive)

The Syrp Genie II 3-Axis Pro Slider Kit comprises everything you need to hit the ground running – specifically, three products: the Genie II Pan Tilt, the Genie II Linear and the Syrp Magic Carpet. Both motorized Genie heads interact with a smartphone app, available for iOS and Android, which enables preset or custom automation and motion control. The Pan Tilt powers through a vertical plane, while the Linear rotates around a horizontal plane. 

In addition, it can also act as a motor for the Syrp Magic Carpet, which is a slider, enabling beautifully controlled, fluid pans across a scene. The three accessories unite to enable control no other product in our roundup offers at the touch of a button. How much control do you have? You can set a start and end position for the Genies to work their magic across, or you can customize keyframes for more granular fine-tuning.

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