Best cameras for beginners: 5 stellar options you can grow with

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Upgrading from a ‘phone, compact or bridge camera to an interchangeable lens camera is an exciting move that takes your photography to a new level, enabling you to take greater control and produce higher quality images.

Choosing the right model to go for isn’t easy as there are lots of options available. Ideally you want something that keeps things simple and doesn’t intimidate at the outset, but that gives you everything that you’ll need further down the line when you know a bit more about photography.

In this article our friends at Photoventure take a look at some great cameras, both SLRs and compact system cameras, that fit the bill.

Best cameras for beginners: 01. Canon EOS 100D/Canon EOS Rebel SL11. Canon EOS 100D/Canon EOS Rebel SL1

Billed as the World’s smallest SLR when it was announced, the Canon 100D is significantly smaller than Canon’s other APS-C format SLRs.

Nevertheless, it has a chunky grip and a mode dial to allow quick exposure mode selection with the enthusiast favourite options (aperture priority, shutter priority and manual) finding a place alongside fully automatic and scene mode options for less experienced users.

There’s also Canon’s Creative Auto mode which helps novices take control over the camera without using photographic terms.

Like the D3300, the 100D makes heavy use of the screen for setting selection.

However, the 100D has the advantage of touchscreen technology so you have choice of using physical controls or tapping the screen to navigate and select the options.

Many will find touch-control more intuitive, especially those used to using a smartphone for their photography.


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