Introducing Manfrotto’s range of quality camera bags (Sponsored)

Introducing Manfrotto's range of quality camera bags (Sponsored)

Introducing Manfrotto's range of quality camera bags (Sponsored)

Manfrotto is synonymous with quality tripods, but did you know the company also offers an extensive range of bags?

Manfrotto now boasts four collections within its range of camera bags, all designed to meet the varying needs of photographers.

Built with the same quality and precision as its tripods and other accessories, Manfrotto’s growing range of camera bags is comprised of its Stile, Advanced, Professional and Pro Light ranges.

Stile Collection

Manfrotto’s Stile range of camera bags are designed for photographers on the go and are unique in that they don’t look like a camera bag.

Yet along with style, Manfrotto’s Stile range offers secure protection, featuring separate protective insert in its slings and tote bags. These can be removed turning the bag into a personal items and media bag.

Manfrotto’s Stile range includes

  • Slings
  • Shoulder bags
  • Holsters
  • Pouches
  • Messengers

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Advanced Collection

Designed for amateur photographers’ needs, Manfrotto’s Advanced collection offers some of the most durable bags on the market.

Built with strong, resistant fabrics and metal pulls and buckles, the Advanced range is built to last.

Manfrotto offers four different basic bag designs in the Advanced range, each available in a number of sizes:

  • Shoulder Bags
  • Holsters
  • Slings
  • Backpacks:
  1. Gear Backpack: totally dedicated to camera gear: a single compartment with well-padded dividers for cameras, lenses and accessories
  2. Active Backpack: half the space for camera equipment, half for day essentials and personal items
  3. Tri Backpack: mostly dedicated to camera gear, this innovative bag can be worn in 3 different ways – on both shoulders like a standard backpack; with the straps in an “X” formation; or with one strap across the body, as sling

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Professional Collection

Brand new to Manfrotto’s range, its Professional bags are developed to protect high-end camera equipment. Boasting Manfrotto’s Camera Protection System, bags in this range are designed to provide your gear maximum protection at the core of the bag using dividers made from 3D shock-absorbing foam.

The multi-layered, ‘Exo-Tough’ exterior of Manfrotto’s Professional bags keeps them safe from the force of sharp impacts, and many of them in this range have feed to keep them off the ground, as well as built-in rain covers.

The new Professional collection covers the following bag types:

  • Shoulder Bags (5 sizes)
  • Backpacks (3 sizes)
  • Holsters (4 sizes)

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Pro Light Collection

Aimed at both photographers and videographers, Manfrotto’s Pro Light Collection is lightweight, ergonomic and designed to carry a lot of gear in demanding situations.

The Collection also features Manfrotto’s Camera Protection System which is designed to provide your gear maximum protection.

Other features include an Advanced Harness System and gecko EVA foam harness straps which allow the Pro Light bags to be extremely comfortable to wear.

The Manfrotto Pro Light range includes a total of 33 items which covers:

  • Photo bags including 8 backpacks, 4 holsters
  • Video bags including 2 backpacks, 4 cases, 3 rolling organizers for lighting equipment
  • Accessories including 1 camera strap, 4 camera raincovers and 7 video raincovers

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