Adobe Lightroom 5 vs Photoshop CC: which software should you choose?

Adobe Lightroom 5 vs Photoshop CC: which software should you choose?

Choosing the best photo editing software for your needs is difficult – and potentially intimidating. There are plenty of good options out there, but many programs are very good at one particular thing, and lack in other areas. Two the most popular options are Adobe’s Lightroom 5 and Photoshop CC.

In this head to head test we’ll compare Lightroom 5 vs Photoshop CC to see how well they meet the needs of photographers.

Lightroom 5
Adobe Lightroom 5 is aimed specifically at photographers and it offers a complete ‘workflow’ package for importing, managing, editing and sharing images.

How to use the Adobe Lightroom shadow and highlight controls: step 6

It doesn’t offer all the functionality of Photoshop, but it is very capable. It is available as a download or as a boxed disk ($149/£103), or as part of Adobe’s Creative Cloud suite.

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Photoshop CC
Widely recognised as the industry standard software for image editing, but the recently announced switch to a subscription payment model with Creative Cloud has caused a stir, with many enthusiast photographers considering alternatives.

Photoshop CC Key Features: 7. Smart Object Liquify

A subscription for Photoshop costs $19.99/£17.58 per month while the full Creative Cloud suite costs $/£46.88 per month.

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Lightroom 5 vs Photoshop CC: Can it process raw files?

White balance and raw converters: Lightroom manual values

Lightroom 5
It uses the same Camera Raw processing engine as Photoshop and the controls are the same, but software is integrated into Lightroom so it feels seamless.

Hence there’s no secondary package to open nor any file conversion, so raw files are handled in the same way as JPEGs.


Photoshop CC Key Features: 8. Camera Raw filter

Attempting to open a raw file automatically opens Camera Raw in a separate window to allow the image to be processed (individually or in batches) before being opened in Photoshop itself.

Just as with Lightroom, raw file adjustments are non-destructive and can be revised at any time.

Verdict: Lightroom 5 wins

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