5 ways photographers can sell their first magazine cover

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    As our series on how to sell photos online and in print continues we look at the prestigious magazine cover and explore five surefire ways photographers can get their images on the covers of magazines.

    A cover photo is a specialised thing – it needs to have room for words, and then you have to get it into the hands of the people who’ll publish it. Sydney-based Bhuminan Piyathasanan’s beautiful landscape images on Flickr have been featured on magazine covers worldwide, including our sister title N-Photo. Here he explains the secrets of his success.

    5 ways photographers can sell their first magazine cover

    5 ways you can make your image the cover of a magazine

    01 Shoot vertical
    Shoot every subject both horizontally and in portrait form and save the shots as RAW files. Your portfolio will be a lot more flexible when selling shots to publications or stock libraries.

    02 Sold a cover? Start shouting about it
    My first cover photo was found on 500px, and being published gave me the confidence to submit images to other titles. Since then I’ve been published in a lot of photography magazines.

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    03 Be easy to reach
    If you get a request for a photo from a magazine, send files promptly and reply to emails quickly. Once you’ve got a contact, email in contact sheets of your work regularly to keep editors up to date.

    04 You don’t need a website
    Other photographers swear by their website, but I’m a coding dunce so I find it easier to share my work on Flickr, 500px and Facebook. Make sure your contact details are listed.

    05 Connect with other photographers
    Whether they’re local or you meet them online, make contact with photographers who are similar to you or whose work you admire. You can share info on potential clients and they might recommend you for projects.


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