The future of professional photography: 5 things we can expect in 5 years’ time


The past decade made the photography industry more accessible than ever, harder to profit from, but also richer with choice, opportunities and possibilities.  What will happen next? Only time can tell, but while we’re waiting for the future to unfold, the photo management and Canon Project1709 experts at Photoventure have listed five predictions for the graduates of 2018.

The future of professional photography: 5 things students can expect in 5 years' time

Prediction 1: more women photographers

There are now more women than men in photography colleges across the UK, and in five years’ time these women will be out in full force, buying professional equipment. The forward-thinking manufacturers will be launching more ergonomically suitable gear for women, and the variety of camera bags disguised as women’s handbags will be bigger.

Prediction 2: videos shot with RED

Some companies have already started asking for videos shot with an RED so they can pull out the stills that they want. As high-end cameras become better and cheaper, this could very well become a trend in certain areas of photography, including photojournalism, sport and weddings.

Prediction 3: more workshops

Everyone and their dog is doing photography workshops now, and with photography being a trendy hobby there is no shortage of hobbyists willing to pay to learn the craft. What this means is that these very same hobbyists will be advertising their own workshops in a few years (if they can wait that long). The landscape market is already knee-deep and looks set to drown by the time this year’s freshers graduate.

Prediction 4: diversified multimedia

Commercial photographers are already expected to produce gifs, behind-the-scenes videos and other types of web assets, but as our consumption of online entertainment refines, online editors will realise that good quality multimedia takes skill to produce, and boring behind-the-scenes videos are just not going to cut it anymore. Bearing that in mind, now is a good time to start diversifying.

Prediction 5: return of the still image

That being said, the constant buzz of gif-based entertainment might very well reach a boiling point, at which viewers will be tired of pointless, moving images. Web assets are only worth the amounts of eye balls that look at them, and maybe, just maybe, the still image will look like a sane alternative from an advertiser’s point of view. We live in hope…


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