9 portrait photography tips professional studios don’t want you to know

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    In fact, the difference between amateur and professional portraits can be vast. To help you make the jump, our friends at the photo management blog Photoventure have carefully compiled what they believe are nine of the most essential portrait photography tips to help you improve your people pictures.

    And these aren’t just any old portrait photography tips. These are insider tips that only come from experience. The type of advice long, established pros won’t want you to know.

    Essential Portrait Photography Tips

    Essential Portrait Photography Tips: 01 When to use Exposure Compensation

    A common problem when photographing people with light skin tones is underexposed portraits.

    You’ll notice this more when shooting full-face photos or when there’s lots of white in the scene – brides at weddings are a prime example.

    To brighten up your subjects, and when using Av mode, you can use Exposure Compensation. Try dialling in up to +1 stop of positive Exposure Compensation to lighten up people’s faces.


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