Find out why the DJI Phantom might be the world’s coolest camera gadget

DJI Phantom

DJI Phantom

First published in Photography Week iPad magazine.

At $679/£459, the DJI Phantom quadcopter is certainly not cheap, but it might just be the world’s coolest camera gadget!

Once the Phantom has run through its extensive list of checks, all highlighted by beeps and flashing lights, the quadcopter is ready to go. It’s then just a case of increasing the throttle for take-off, and adjusting the trim in flight. Underside mouldings enable a GoPro video camera, or similar, to be attached in seconds. Despite the additional weight, the Phantom automatically calibrates itself, ensuring a steady flight that helps the camera capture smooth footage. Part of the calibration process sets the location of the quadcopter – if everything goes wrong and it disappears into the distance, you just switch off the controller and the ‘copter will automatically head back to its original take-off location.

One of the most impressive features of the Phantom is its ability to maintain its precise position and altitude when using the GPS mode. Once activated this enables the ‘copter to hover in the air – perfect for stable aerial shots.

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