What to pack: 8 essential travel photography accessories

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    We’d all be travel photographers in an ideal world, paid to crisscross the globe on a rich client’s tab and take stunning photographs of exotic locations. Sadly, for most of us the reality is rather less perfect. We get away once or twice a year, and have to squeeze in our travel photography while keeping everybody else happy.

    Nevertheless, some travel photography is better than no travel photography so when you get to do it, you better make it count. If you want some excellent advice on technique, then this excellent list of 79 travel photography tips is a good place to visit. But first, we want to let you know what you need to pack.

    Below we’ve compiled what we believe are the 8 most essential travel photography accessories you should pack for any photo holiday.

    If you have another piece of gear you can’t travel without, then do please let us know in the comments!

    8 essential travel photography accessories - battery grip

    1. Battery grip
    Why you need it: All-in-one alternative 
to spare batteries – you don’t want 
to run out of power in an isolated spot
    We recommend: Ansmann 
Battery Grip

    8 essential travel photography accessories - airline-friendly bag

    2. Airline-friendly bag
    Why you need it: Never put your camera in check-in luggage. It might never arrive! Get a decent carry-on bag instead.
    We recommend: Think Tank Photo Airport Antidote V2.0

    8 essential travel photography accessories - international plug adatper

    3. Essential item: International plug adaptor
    Why you need it: So you can charge your camera batteries and plug in your laptop
from Brussels to Bangkok
    We recommend: Fujifilm 
World Adaptor

    8 essential travel photography accessories - portable hard drive

    4. Essential item: Portable hard drive
    Why you need it: Backs up and stores 
all your precious photos when you’re 
away from your PC
    We recommend: Epson P-3000 
Multimedia Storage Viewer 40Gb

    8 essential travel photography accessories - superzoom

    5. All-in-one superzoom

    Why you need it: You can travel light and don’t have to keep changing lenses
    We recommend: Tamron 
18-270mm f/3.5-6.3 Di II VC

    What to pack: 8 essential travel photography accessories

    6. Circular polarising filter
    Why you need it: Enhance blue skies 
and contrast as well as reducing 
reflections on glass or water
    We recommend: Jessops
Circular Polarising Filter

    8 essential travel photography accessories - netbook

    7. Netbook
    Why you need it:  Back up your pictures on the move, review them on a big 10-inch screen and upload them to websites
    We recommend: Asus Eee 
PC 1000 HE

    8 essential travel photography accessories - travel tripod

    8. Travel tripod
    Why you need it: Sharp shots in low light – at dawn, dusk and after dark
    We recommend: Joby 
Gorillapod Focus


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