In pictures: 31 examples of the most electrifying lightning photography

Lennie Mahler, Sprite

Lightning is one of the most difficult subjects to photograph. It is brief and unpredictable and often rain, wind and severe weather conditions go along with it, making it not only difficult to photograph but also dangerous. In order to get a decent shot an element of luck is involved! Try setting your camera to Burst mode for continuous high-speed shooting, or Bulb mode to increase your chances of capturing that elusive lightning bolt.

The hair-raising photographs below demonstrate fantastic examples of lightning photography.

Cheetah and Storm © Paul Souders

Monument Valley © Tony Dadson

Sprite © Lennie Mahler

Adrenalin © Jimmy

Grand Monsoon © Dan Ransom

The Electric Highway © Matt Granz

Miami Beach © Yves Kraus

Crack © Dendy Julius

After The Thunder © Shannon Rogers

Lightning City © Sam Javanrouh

The Gods Must Be Angry © Scott Stringham

Lightning on Water © Maxime Barthelme

Night Swim © Jimmy

Bardenas Storm © Martin Zalba

Inspiration © Jimmy

T Bolt © Jamie Condon

Lightning, Mountains and Rain © Drew Medlin

Fury of Lightning © Shannon Rogers

Cathedral Storm © Richard Desmarais

Lightning Tree (composite) © Chris Martin

Road to Darkness © Carlos Gotay

Strike © Dean Mullin

Summer Storm © Chrisos Lamprianidis

Monumental Chaos © Mitchell Krog

Electrifying © Jamie Condon

Storms a Passing © John Ryan

Greece Lightning © Chris Kotsiopoulos

Stars Above, Thunder Below © Christopher Eaton

Raw Power © Jorge Maia

Far Away Storm © Carlos Gotay

House of God © Alexander G H Hogstrom


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