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Astrophotography tips: How-to guides and videos on getting your best shots

Astrophotography tips: How-to guides and videos on getting your best shots
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Astrophotography might make you think of prohibitively expensive camera kit and complicated techniques, but there aren't necessary for successful captures. With these astrophotography tips, however, you can start taking pictures of the night sky with minimal investment.

In fact, even with just a basic DSLR, a tripod and a shutter release cable, there's a lot you can achieve. It does, however, pay to think about a few other things, such as getting to get the the right place at the right time, and knowing what the weather is likely to do.

Our guides run through some of the basic astro shots you can attempt, and some of the more specialist ones that may only be possible at very specific times. Scroll down to find one you like the sound of and get up to speed on how to get going.

Astrophotography tips: How to photograph the night sky, the moon and more

The beginner's guide to photographing the night sky
Just getting started? Then start here. This guide is packed full of astrophotography tips and explains how to get set up, what camera settings to use and how to tackle the Milky Way.

How and when to photograph the Moon
How exactly do you photograph the Moon? And when should you attempt to do so? This is one of our most popular guides.

How to photograph a blood moon
Want to try shooting a total lunar eclipse? Find out where you need to be, when the next one will occur and how best to capture it.

How, where and when to photograph the northern lights
Top of the bucket list for many photographers, capturing the northern lights requires the right weather, time, kit and approach – all of which is covered in this guide.

How to photograph the International Space Station
Getting a close-up of the International Space Station may be out of the question, but you can still capture an orbital trail across the night sky. Here's how.

How to photograph the Perseids meteor shower
The Perseids meteor shower will peak between 12-13 August this year. Here's what to think about beforehand and what to do once you have you camera pointed at the sky.

How to photograph the Eta Aquarid meteor shower
This lesser-known meteor shower will peak on the 5-6 May this year. Here's is what you need to know if you want to photography this incredible natural phenomenon created by the remnants of Halley's Comet.

How to photograph Comet Neowise
This is the big astronomical event for photographers in 2020. Visible anywhere in the northern hemisphere, this comet has been even more spectacular than anyone had hoped

How to photograph a total solar eclipse

South America is the place to be if you want to see a solar eclipse this year - you will be able to photograph and experience totality in various spots across Chile and Argentina. This is our guide to what, where, when and how....

Day in the life of a professional astrophotographer
We spend a moonless summer's night with pro astrophotographer Alyn Wallace photographing the Milky Way and the ISS in Wales

Astrophotography video guides

How to shoot stunning landscapes by the light of the moon
Out shooting a landscape and light levels start to fall? Don't pack up; embrace it and capture something special. Our friends at PhotoPlus magazine show you how.

How to capture star trails
Probably one of the neatest night sky images you can take, the team at N-Photo magazine explain how to shoot and stack star trails images.

Northern Lights photography:
tips and techniques for stunning images

James Paterson heads to Iceland to show how to seek out and photograph the Aurora Borealis in the Arctic

How to create a moonstack
With a bit of research, the right location and some clever post-processing, you can also show the path of the moon across the sky. Our friends over at N-Photo let you in on the secret.

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