Sony ECM-S1 Streaming Mic review

The Sony ECM-S1 Streaming Mic is clever, versatile and very good, but you’re paying plenty for that wireless convenience

Sony ECM-S1
(Image: © Rod Lawton)

Digital Camera World Verdict

This is a LOT of money for a desktop mic, but the Sony ECM-S1’s wireless operation and wider analog/digital compatibility may win you over. The receiver unit’s MI interface connection will appeal to Sony users in particular, but the ECM-S1’s appeal goes further than that. The ability to place the mic where you need it, without fuss or cables, and at any reasonable distance is just great. It’s also a lot simpler than trying to mic up subjects with regular wireless mics, especially when you’re dealing with groups. However, if all you want to do is stream or record from your desktop, a regular wired mic will do the same job at a fraction of the cost.


  • +

    Wireless positioning freedom

  • +

    Choice of pickup patterns

  • +

    Great for interviews/podcasts


  • -

    Very expensive

  • -

    A wired mic may be all you need

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Sony calls the ECM-S1 a ‘streaming mic’, but you could also use it for recordings or podcasting. It’s essentially a desktop mic that can connect to cameras, computers and smartphones but, unlike most rival mics, it’s wireless. 

The ECM-S1 mic connects via Bluetooth to a wireless receiver that offers a choice of outputs. Whereas the best USB mics are designed to connect straight to computers or other devices digitally, the ECM-S1 receiver can fit straight on to a Sony Alpha camera with an MI digital interface hotshoe for streaming or in-camera recording.

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Pickup patternsUni-directional, Omni-directional, Stereo
Wireless connectionBluetooth LE
OutputDigital (MI interface, USB), analog (3.5mm jack)
RangeUp to 150m with good line of sight
Battery lifeMic 13h, receiver 3h (unless powered by MI shoe)
SizeMic 63.0 x 137.5 x 63.0mm, 157g, receiver 32 x 29 x 50mm, 25g

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