Huion Kamvas Pro 24 (4K) review: a beast of a pen display for a reasonable price

The Huion Kamvas Pro 24 (4K) delivers excellent image quality at a great price, but it’s not perfect

Huion Kamvas Pro 24 (4K) drawing tablet on a wooden surface
(Image: © James Abbott / Digital Camera World)

Digital Camera World Verdict

The Huion Kamvas Pro 24 (4K) is aimed at professional digital artists, photographers, and designers, delivering excellent image quality with a wide color gamut on its 23.8-inch QLED screen. Working with the display is comfortable and precise thanks to the large 4K display which is large and heavy, taking up a lot of desk space. But if you can accommodate it, you won’t be disappointed.


  • +

    Great price for a large pen display

  • +

    Fantastic 4K image quality

  • +

    Wide color gamut


  • -

    Large and heavy

  • -

    Adjustable stand not included

  • -

    Touch control not available

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Huion is a midrange graphics tablet and pen display manufacturer providing a competitive range of products aimed at enthusiasts and professional photographers and artists seeking the best drawing tablets. Huion is well-known for providing excellent value for money, and the Huion Kamvas Pro 24 (4K) follows this reputation by delivering a high-quality product at 1/3 of the cost of the Wacom Cintiq Pro 27. 

The Huion Kamvas Pro 24 (4K) is the top-of-the-range pen display model offering a luxurious 23.8-inch 4K QLED screen with an advertised color gamut of 98% Adobe RGB 1998. At this size and with a 4K resolution, the Pro 24 looks more like a monitor than a pen display; the main giveaway that it’s not a monitor, at first glance, is that it sits at a slight angle on a desk using the integrated legs.

Swipe to scroll horizontally
Color gamut98% Adobe 1998
Contrast ratio1200:1
Pen sensitivity8192 levels
Screen dimensions20.74x11.67in / 527.04x296.46mm
Dimensions23.19x14.33x0.89in / 589.2x364x22.7mm
Weight13.89lbs / 6.3kg
Huion Kamvas 13

The Kamvas Pro 24 is large and heavy making it unsuitable for lap use or travelling. So, if you’d like a smaller and lighter pen display that can be used anywhere, take a look at the Huion Kamvas 13. It’s much less expensive and provides a 1080p display with the same levels of pen sensitivity as the Pro 24.

XP-Pen Artist 10 Pen Display

If you’re on a tight budget but would still like a pen display, the XP-Pen Artist 10 Pen Display is a 10-inch option that comes at a competitive price. It has a smaller screen than the Huion Kamvas 13 but offers the same 1080p resolution, and provides the direct input required for a more tactile approach to photo editing.

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James Abbott

James Abbott is a landscape and portrait photographer based in Cambridge. He’s also an experienced photography journalist specializing in camera skills and Photoshop techniques. He is also a CAA-approved drone pilot and professional aerial photographer.