LG Wing to be announced on 5 October

LG Wing to be announced on 5 October
(Image credit: LG / @evleaks)

UPDATE 14/09: More images have been leaked of the LG Wing – and this time we get to see this upcoming smartphone next to a phone that's already been released. One of the latest pictures shows the LG Wing directly compared to the Samsung Galaxy Note 20. It appears that they're a very similar height (although the LG Wing does look slightly taller and thinner). 

(Image credit: Slash Leaks)

UPDATE 11/09: The LG Wing now has an announcement date! According to the latest rumors the LG Wing will arrive on 5 October, which is 10 days later than the original announcement date of 25 September. There have also been some more specs leaked, including that the main display will measure 6.8", while the secondary screen is 4" diagonally. 

The LG Wing will have a Snapdragon 765G chipset and will come with 8GB of RAM. We'll be seeing more information when the official teaser of the LG Wing arrives on Monday, but we'll have to wait until then for further details.

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UPDATE 08/09: Another video has been leaked of the upcoming LG Wing, an unusual camera phone with a swiveling display that forms a T-shape. This latest leaked video shows the phone in action as its rotated – and we have to admit it looks pretty cool. There haven't been many specs released for the LG Wing, but there is a rumor that it's likely to cost around the $1,000. 

This is a particularly eye-watering price considering that it's also been rumored that the LG Wing won't have a high-spec chipset to complement its wacky design. However, there could always be a pleasant surprise when the LG Wing has its official announcement next Monday. In the meantime, check out the leaked video below.

ORIGINAL STORY: A video has recently been leaked of the upcoming LG Wing, a camera phone with two screens. However, unlike many other dual screen phones, the LG Wing has a unique display. Rather than folding out to show both screens, the 6.8" main screen of the Wing rotates out to a 90º angle to show a second smaller 4" display underneath.

We assume that the second screen will be capable of being used in the same way as an ordinary dual screen flip phone or fold phone – giving the user the ability to use two apps at once, such as YouTube and a Notes app. However, the leaked video of the LG Wing does show some particularly interesting capabilities. 

The video, shared by Android Authority, shows the LG Wing sitting in a car holder, with the main screen held vertically showing a Maps app. Meanwhile, the second screen is horizontal and shows the Music app. The video also shows a call coming through on the second screen only, which means that the Maps app is never covered. The driver is able to answer the call without messing with their main screen.

While this certainly looks interesting, we do wonder how many more real world applications there are for a camera phone design like this. Especially since in many countries you're not even technically supposed to touch your phone while driving (which renders a second screen housing music a little superfluous). 

However, this is just a leaked snippet of video  – we may very well see more demonstrations of how to make the most of the LG Wing's design on its official release. 

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