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Will the Panasonic GH6 have a 41 megapixel 8K Micro Four Thirds sensor?!

Will the Panasonic GH6 have a 41 megapixel 8K sensor?!
(Image credit: Panasonic)

If you're a Panasonic GH5 or Panasonic GH5S fan, then hold onto your hat, because website 43 Rumors recently posted an eyebrow-raisingly interesting piece of camera gossip. Apparently, Sony have developed a new 41 megapixel 8K MicroFourThirds sensor. 

43 Rumors goes on to say that although the sensor has been marked as 'Surveillance', "that's something we saw with the GH5s sensor too, which is also considered as [a] 'Surveillance' sensor." They then speculate that this new sensor would be ideal for a future GH6 - especially with Panasonic having already promised an 8K camera by 2022. 

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With Panasonic having pushed some serious boundaries in the world of video recently, with the release of the Panasonic S1H, we wouldn't be surprised if this rumor was true. However, we wouldn't get your hopes up too much, as when we searched Sony's current sensor database ourself we weren't able to find a sensor that matched the reported IMX594CQR. This might mean that the screenshot is from an unpublished page on the website… or that it could just simply be misinformation. 

However, the idea of a 41MP 8K MicroFourThirds sensor isn't as outlandish as it might initially sound. Until fairly recently, it was commonplace knowledge that MicroFourThirds would likely never be able to stretch beyond around 24MP. This is because the sensor was so small that you just wouldn't be able to fit any more megapixels onto it. 

(Image credit: Androidlad)

Yet, defying this conventional wisdom, Sharp announced their own 8K Micro Four Thirds camera earlier this year - complete with a 33MP sensor. While it's still in its early stages of development, the camera is currently able to record 8K at 30, 25 and 24 fps. 

In our own article on the Sharp 8K Video camera in April, we called it "almost a concept camera", as it tries to fulfill a need that doesn't really exist yet. We feel similarly about this rumored sensor.

We can't help but wonder why exactly a 41MP Micro Four Thirds sensor would be warranted. Realistically, how much of a positive impact would it have on your work? And, much more importantly, what would its negative impact be? Generally, cameras with small sensors and large megapixel counts tend to struggle in low light conditions. This is because the megapixels aren't big enough to absorb the light in an optimal manner. 

Nevertheless, whether this specific rumor is accurate or not, stuffing as many megapixels onto a sensor as possible seems to be an enduring trend designed to grab consumers' attention. While we're not necessarily complaining about this, we do hope that any potential camera that arises from this rumored sensor doesn't just rely on the dazzling power of an astronomical megapixel count. 

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