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What will the upcoming Huawei P20 offer photographers?

Above image: Huawei Mate 10 Pro

Dual-camera designs are now common on today's smartphones, although current rumours swirling around suggest the Huawei will soon look to go one further with its new P20 model.

The company has already started to tease the new P20 on its social media channels, having initially confirmed the model at MWC 2018, and one common theme throughout its messages is a triplet of rings. This, together with the hashtag #SeeMooore and a handful of leaked images, has led many to believe that the company will be furnishing its new phone with a triple-camera setup. 

We don't know too much yet for sure – there are a number of reasons why manufacturers choose to use more than one camera per side – but we can deduce a handful of things from the various messages that have accompanied these posts.

So, a number of lenses that cover different focal lengths, with particularly wide apertures and close-focusing capabilities? Sensors behind them that may well be equipped with a higher number of megapixels than what we've seen before? And image stabilisation so advanced that it would make using a tripod redundant? 

That's quite a lot to promise for one device, although it's entirely possible that the company will stick to the convention of announcing two devices at ones, one being slightly stronger on the spec sheet than the other. In fact, the most credible leaks suggest a total of three models, with Pro and Lite versions on either side of a main P20.

Whatever it is/they are, it looks like we won't have too long to wait, with an event set to be streamed live from Paris on 27 March.