What could this mysterious new Nikon logo mean?

New Nikon logo trademark
(Image credit: Nikon / J-platplat)

Nikon has trademarked a mysterious new logo in Japan that has people wondering what the company might be up to, and what this new design could be used for, as the legal descriptions surrounding the application are pretty vague. 

Some potential new video editing software? Or maybe a video playback feature? A new video or vlogging camera? The possibilities of what this new Nikon logo could be used for are generating endless speculation among photo communities online. 

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The application for the trademark was registered in January 2023, but has been recently spotted and brought into the spotlight courtesy of Nikon Rumors. As you might expect, a lot of the included information and details surrounding the trademark are ambiguous and don't reveal much at all – although it seems safe to assume that there's some form of video relation. 

Supplied by J-PlatPlat, the Japanese platform for patent information, the recent Nikon trademark application number is 2023-006460, and at the time of writing it is considered live and "awaiting examination". 

The designated classes of goods and services listed in relation to the trademark include cameras, photographic machines and apparatus, cinematographic machines and apparatus, an image inspection device, and an image processing function provided with application software, the computer software for image processing computer software, and smart cameras – to list just a few.

A screenshot from the J-PlatPlat website (Image credit: Nikon / J-platplat)

While this still doesn't tell us much, one clever Nikon Rumors commenter made the connection with Nikon Creates – which the company announced in April 2022 as a video production subsidiary, whereby Nikon is seemingly attempting to enter the volumetric content creation and production business. 

This new logo could therefore be in relation to the Nikon Creates Corporation and the shift to a focus on video for use with entertainment and advertising divisions – and what will likely be the development of new cutting-edge video hardware, such as the potential for a possible 360 video camera or extracting still captures from video footage. 

Other commenters pointed out that the new logo looks a bit like a recycling symbol, which isn't a bad guess at all. Especially with more businesses and companies attempting to penetrate the rising popularity of the second-hand tech market, and making investments in new planet-saving initiatives that include promoting device circularity and new eco-friendly smartphones like the Nokia X30 5G.

With Nikon having issued a save the date announcement for March 25, we could be finding out more about this new venture before too long.

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Beth Nicholls
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