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Vogelbescherming Nederland bird webcams
Peregrine Falcon at the Rijksmuseum (Image credit: Vogelbescherming Nederland)

One of the best live webcam feeds for observing birds is back online to celebrate the spring season.

Vogelbescherming Nederland (BirdLife Netherlands) is a non-governmental Dutch bird protection organization that has a host of amazing species under its care – including owls, eagles, falcons, herons and even storks – with multiple webcams keeping a watchful eye on these creatures from every angle. 

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These bird species are dotted all over the place, including young peregrine falcons at the Rijksmuseum. Each year an event called Beleef de Lente ("Experience Spring") enables keen bird watchers to access live 24/7 webcam feeds, to spectate on the popular breeding season of these magnificent creatures.

The free website,  Vogelbescherming Nederland, is running live streams of the bird breeding seasons until July to observe different species in their nests. The birds are not disturbed in any way by the presence of webcams, the organization assures. "We always install the cameras before the breeding season starts. This way the bird can get used to the camera."

Barn owls sleeping (Image credit: Vogelbescherming Nederland)

This year's Beleef de Lente event will focus in particular on the elegant tawny owl, white-tailed eagle, peregrine falcon, osprey, blackbird, oystercatcher, stork, swift, blue tit, and owl breeds including the barn owl and little owl in their own unique and natural habitats.

All types of birds can be followed live via streaming cameras that are set up throughout the breeding season, with cameras also positioned in various locations that include a pond, meadow, and farmlands to monitor which birds will visit these areas and their interesting behaviors when doing so.

Little Owl sleeping inside (Image credit: Vogelbescherming Nederland)

Outside view of where the Little Owl is sleeping (Image credit: Vogelbescherming Nederland)

According to DutchNews, the Beleef de Lente attracted 1.2 million viewers last year – and because 2023 is the year of the oystercatcher, the organization has added the camera positioned at an oystercatcher nest on a roof to commemorate this for the new season.  

The osprey is a breed that traditionally arrives in the Netherlands at the end of March, and has many bird fanatics excited to see if it will make a lasting appearance at a monitored nest. 

Those interested in birds and their protection can become a member of the organization and support at-risk species, or join the clubhouse to participate in commentary when viewing the live streams and to chat with other members.  

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