Wacom joins UK Screen Alliance to give a voice to smaller industry professionals

Wacom, UK Screen Alliance
(Image credit: Wacom, UK Screen Alliance)

The UK Screen Alliance is an organization that acts as the voice of industry professionals in the fields of post-production, VFX, animation, TV & film studios, and production services. They pride themselves on giving a voice to individual businesses, providing a weight that could not be achieved individually. Wacom has now joined them in order to drive creative innovation and technology in the aforementioned industries. 

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When big industry decisions are made that affect the arts in the UK, the UK Screen Alliance stands for smaller businesses, raising issues, driving debate, and lobbying to influence the UK Government. The UK Screen Alliance's goals align with Wacom’s 'commitment to empowering creative professionals to improve both artistic expression and production efficiency through technological advancement'. 

Peter Sommer, a representative of Wacom says, "Our partnership with the UK Screen Alliance underscores our commitment to the creative community and to provide professionals with the tools and support they need to push the boundaries of what is possible in film and VFX. We are looking forward to playing an active role in the alliance, sharing the latest technology, and gaining insights necessary to develop even better tools to drive the future of storytelling". 

Wacom Cintiq Pro 17 (Image credit: Wacom)

Wacom creates fantastic products used by many creative fields and they also feature several times in our guide to the best drawing tablets for photo editing. In addition to supplying the tools needed for artistic production, Wacom offers educational courses and outreach to art communities, and the partnership with the UK Screen Alliance is further proof of that.   

Neil Hatton, CEO of UK Screen Alliance says, "As a key supplier to our sectors, we warmly welcome our new partnership with Wacom. We admire their ongoing commitment to encouraging new talent into the industry and we look forward to working with them, as we call for universities to join UK Screen Alliance in our newly launched education branch".

This collaboration looks to cultivate and innovate creative industries in the UK, providing a voice for the smaller businesses and individuals, and now with Wacom on board, that voice will have even more weight. 

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