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"Most portable tripod ever created" launches on Kickstarter

It may look like a rolling tray table gone a bit wrong, but this is actually a tripod capable of supporting a full DSLR system.

Its name is Vixari, and it’s billing itself as the ultimate solution for selfie-takers and travel photographers alike, blending portability and versatility with a unique design. Right now, it's subject to a crowdfunding campaign over on Kickstarter, although it's already surpassed its goal many times over. 

Able to support up to 2.2kg of weight – enough for a standard DSLR and lens – it’s also compatible with all smartphones with a thickness between 6-9mm, as well as all GoPro models. 

The focus is on versatility, allowing photographers to quickly switch between the different systems they use. It’s also billing itself as a replacement for the selfie stick, thanks to the ease with which self-portraits can be set up and triggered.

It’s a self-contained package, folding away into a small case, which can easily be stowed in the side pocket of a backback. The case itself, as the makers point out, isn’t much larger than an iPhone 7 Plus, and is noticeably smaller than a Joby Gorillapod. 

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The case is also constructed from a durable polycarbonate – the same kind, we’re told, that’s used to make shatterproof windows – and the entire ensemble is resistant to dust and scratches, so you won’t have to worry about that stylish look getting messed up with outdoor use. The case has a built-in magnetic lock for extra security, and the whole thing weighs around 600g.

Once the tripod is deployed, its aluminium-alloy legs extend up to 105cm in length, and can be positioned at different heights in accordance with the terrain. The DSLR mount attachment can also be tilted in a variety of ways, which allows the users to shoot from awkward angles.

Vixari comes with a Bluetooth-enabled remote shutter with a range up to 30m, which makes it easy to quickly trigger your shots before the moment passes, and this is set to be compatible with iOS or Android devices.

Vixari tripod: Pricing and availability

Vixari is funding on Kickstarter now, and the makers expect to start shipping in February 2018. 

At time of writing you can get hold of one for £49, in either white, black or a tasteful dark blue, but prices may change as the pledge rewards get snapped up, so act fast if you want one.