This tripod doubles as a pair of skiing poles

Modular tripod system
(Image credit: Gearing Co)

British company Gearing Co has just released its first ever tripod system – and it's aiming to revolutionize the industry. This new tripod might have a hefty price tag of £1,500 (roughly $2,087 in the US and $2,677 in Australia), but its intriguing modular design means that not only can it be used as a traditional tripod, it can also double as a pair of skiing poles.

Developed for photographers who like the taste of adventure, the Gearing tripod system weighs only 1.4kg, but can hold a sizable 40kg. Featuring a patented magnetic connection to the included ball head, the Gearing tripod system is designed to give photographers a quick way to mount and dismount cameras.

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Gearing modular design tripod

(Image credit: Gearing Company)

The modular design is one of the key features of this tripod. Almost every section of the tripod can be dismantled, replaced or attached to something else. The modular heart unit is compatible with different sized tripod legs. You can build it up to a full-sized tripod or use it as a table top tripod with the mini legs. The innovative design of the heart unit also means that you can use any of the legs as a monopod. 

Interestingly, the tripod legs can be used as trekking poles by attaching the handles, spikes and snow baskets that are included in the kit. The tripod legs are also suitable for skiing and hiking should you ever find the need. 

The included mini center column offers a minimum height of 20cm and a maximum height of 160cm. The center column can be replaced for a full sized version too. Finally, the tripod head that comes with the system is unique in design. It uses a magnetic connection to secure the camera to the ball head. However, if you prefer you can switch it out for a conventional tripod head too. 

Gearing also boasts the use of top end materials for this tripod with the majority of it being compromised of carbon fibre. The feet are made of Tungsten Carbide and stainless steel has been used for the spikes. 

Each part of the tripod will be available to buy individually or as part of a kit. The tripod kit can be bought for £1,500 directly from the Gearing website or from select Leica stores in the UK. 

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