This is "the world's fastest flash" – and it costs $17,000

This is "the world's fastest flash" – and it costs $17,000 Profoto Pro-11
(Image credit: Profoto)

Profoto has unveiled what it is calling "the ultimate flash": the Profoto Pro-11. And it isn't just the specs that are sky high – this new pack and head system boasts a staggering price tag of $16,995 / £10,829.17 excluding tax / VAT (approximately AU$21,927, though the Australian price is still to be confirmed).

It was only recently that Canon raised eyebrows with its $1,099 /  £1,299 / AU$1,699 flashgun, the Canon Speedlite E-L1 (opens in new tab), but the Profoto Pro-11 makes that look like chump change. 

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Still, it isn't just the price that Profoto's new flagship flash dials up to 11. It packs a minimum flash duration of 1/80,000 sec and a maximum power output of 2,400Ws, which can be dialed up or down by 11 f-stops (in increments of 1/10-stops). 

It has a lightning-fast recycle time of between 0.02 and 0.7 second, with rapid-fire bursts of up to 50 frames per second – all with the manufacturer's signature consistency of color and light quality. 

In addition to support for wireless TTL and high-speed sync, the Pro-11 now comes with integrated Bluetooth connectivity that embraces the Profoto AirX 2.4Ghz system – which the manufacturer says also makes it "the world's most advanced flash" in addition to "the world's fastest flash" (and "the ultimate flash").

"When shooting with the Pro-11, one real-world benefit with the built-in AirX comes clear; the higher degree of convenience and control available to you on the day significantly improves workflow," states the company. "And via the Profoto apps, you'll get real-time updates and upgrades, so your user experience will always be the latest, and you'll have an overview of all your Profoto gear."

"This top-of-the-line professional flash generator boasts high speed flash durations, quick recycling and consistent color, now augmented with Bluetooth wireless technology. The 2.4GHz Profoto AirX system allows users to control and trigger Profoto flashes from smartphones, and even synchronize with (some) handsets’ built-in cameras."

Full specs for the Profoto Pro-11 can be found on the company website, and you can order below if you want to add this beast to your arsenal. 

Pre-order the Profoto Pro-11 at Adorama (US) (opens in new tab)
Pre-order the Profoto Pro-11 at B&H (US) (opens in new tab)
Pre-order the Profoto Pro-11 at Wex (UK) (opens in new tab)

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