This inventive Sony battery from Nitecore has a built-in USB-C port for charging!

New battery for Sony has USB-C port for charging
(Image credit: Nitecore)

If you're a Sony Alpha user, you're likely familiar with the unfortunately low battery life that some of the earlier models are equipped with, making the need to purchase additional batteries essential for longer shoots and travel photography.

This third-party copycat of the Sony NP-FZ100 battery, created by Nitecore, takes just four hours to fully charge and has a three-color power indication light. 

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This handy little invention from Nitecore, the UFZ100 as its named, features a USB-C port that has been built directly into a lithium ion battery, meaning that if you don't already own an external charger for your Sony camera batteries, there's no need to pause your shooting experience and you can charge your battery without the need to house it inside your camera system.

My experience is that almost every Sony mirrorless shooter is equipped with multiple batteries (I have three), due to the notoriously low battery life that these cameras have. Manufacturing a third-party alternative without the need for it to be charged through the camera itself may be a stroke of genius from globally renowned brand Nitecore.

(Image credit: Nitecore)

Established in 2007, Nitecore describes itself as being at the pinnacle of the LED lighting and battery charger markets. Its USB-C recharchable Sony battery is supposedly compatible with the Sony A1, A9 (ILCE-9), A9 II, A7C, A7S III, A7 III & IV, A7R III & IV, FX3 and the A6600 camera models - essentially the same as Sony's own branded original NP-FZ100 battery.

USB-C charging ports are becoming frequent on almost every device; laptops, tablets, smartphones and even hair curlers! This means many people are likely to already own a USB-C cable, or can easily source one for cheap when needed.

In relation to Sony camera users, this battery design from Nitecore offers ease and peace of mind to many photographers who have at one point or another forgotten to pack the external battery charger for a long trip or holiday. Sourcing a USB-C cable is a much easier task than having to find a specific camera battery charging unit.

(Image credit: Nitecore)

Nitecore’s version of the Sony NP-FZ100 battery offers 2,250mAh capacity, enabling approximately 500 photos to be snapped using manual mode per charge cycle, as tested by Nightcore in its own labs. A built-in power balance circuit is included within the battery to ensure its overall balanced functionality and lifespan. 

Nightcore assures that it has also included protection safeguards in the design of this battery that include overcharge and over-discharge protection, short-circuit protection as well as over-voltage and current protections. The voltage of the UFZ100 is 7.2V with dimensions of 52mm x 38.7mm x 22.5mm that will  perfectly fit the battery slot of Sony cameras.

(Image credit: Nitecore)

To grab yourself one of these USB-C port Sony compatible batteries, you may have to wait in anticipation as it seems Nitecore are calling for reviewers before the product officially goes on sale, we will update the article with any further information when we know more. 

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