This company lets you 3D print your own custom medium format camera

Goodman 3D printed medium format camera
(Image credit: Dora Goodman)

You no longer need to pop to the shops to buy your camera equipment – or even buy them online and wait for them to ship. Now you can simply print your cameras in the comfort of your own home! Dora Goodman, the Founder of Goodman Camera, has created a business out of selling 3D printed customizable medium format film cameras – and she even gives the open source files for free if customers have their own 3D printer!

Dora Goodman uses 3D printing to produce various types of medium format film cameras, such as pinhole cameras and one that shoots with RB67 film holders and Mamiyah lenses. Medium format cameras tend to be quite expensive when compared to other formats, but Goodman and her team have aimed to produce a more affordable option with plenty of customization opportunities. 

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Goodman first started out by re-skinning and customizing cameras, using natural materials such as wood to customize a variety of camera bodies. However, speaking with Petapixel, Goodman describes how they always wanted to produce something wholly original, “we always had the dream to leave a mark in the analog photo industry and we really wanted to create actually our own cameras.”

3D printing has been around for a while, but over the past few years it has become much more cost-effective. This is why Goodman decided to use 3D printing – and the level of flexibility and control it offers – to create her own medium format cameras. In the PetaPixel article, Goodman discusses that when her team come up with a new idea, 3D printing enables them to explore the concept much more easily than when they were working with wood.

Goodman Camera currently offers two kinds of pinhole cameras – the Scura 35mm and the Scura 6x6 cameras. Both of these cameras are available as in a preassembled format, or you can assemble it yourself as a mini DIY project. 

Goodman also offers the Goodman Zone camera, which is a 6x7 film camera that uses 120 medium format film, available preassembled or as a kit. However, if you're lucky enough to have access to a 3D printer, you can also download the open source files and build it on your own. 

While medium format camera technology tends to be pricey, with even vintage film cameras retaining their value, this is a great way to access this kind of camera technology at an affordable price. Discover more from Goodman cameras at their website

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