The wait is over! You can now buy the budget DJI Mini SE drone in UK & Europe

(Image credit: DJI)

DJI’s latest offering takes the form of the Mini SE – a compact, affordable drone that lands somewhere between the DJI Mavic Mini and the DJI Mini 2. When it was first released in 2021, it was only available in the US, Canada and Australia but now it’s finally available to buy in the UK and Europe. 

The DJI Mini SE is one of the best drones for beginners due to its attractive price and useful safety features. For anyone who has never flown a drone before, investing in one that won’t break the bank is a really good way of building your confidence when flying it. We’ve done a comparison of the DJI Mini 2 vs the DJI Mini SE and while the Mini 2 wins on image quality, you can't beat the price of the SE.

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DJI Mini SE (Image credit: DJI)

The DJI Mini SE has a much higher wind speed resistance than the original Mavic Mini and can be used in winds up to 10.5meters per second (same as the Mini 2). Thanks to DJI’s QuickShots software, it’s able to record video using pre-programmed flights such as Rocket, Dronie, Circle and Helix. These are extra useful if you’re new to using drones as they can help you achieve cinematic videos at the click of a button. The drone will lock onto your subject using tracking and perform the flight plan you select. 

The DJI Mini SE might not have the same video and photo capabilities as the Mini 2 but it's still able to take high-quality images and shoot super smooth videos. You can’t output raw images and the max video resolution is 2.7K but this is more than enough, especially if this is your first venture into aerial photography/videography. 

Safety features include a return to home function, distance limiters, geofencing and a handy tutorial mode that will help you on your first flight. You can also buy propeller shields for when you’re flying indoors or close to objects, just in case you accidentally fly into something. 

At just $299 / £269 / AU$459, the advantage of getting the DJI Mini SE over the Mini 2 really does come down to cost. Flying a drone is never risk-free, even experienced flyers can find themselves in sticky situations but at least if the worst does happen and it does end up crashing or stuck in a tree, you haven't lost out on hundreds and hundreds of pounds.

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