The Tube Mapper Project photo book captures wonder of London Underground

The Tube Mapper Project book captures the wonder of the London Underground
(Image credit: Luke Agbaimoni)

The London Underground is a vast web of over 400 interconnecting stations spanning the length of the UK's largest city. From Leicester Square to Lewisham, millions of Londoners use the tube to navigate the city every single day. Self-taught photographer Luke Agbaimoni combined his love for low light photography and his desire to find beauty in the mundane in his 'The Tube Mappers Project' photo book

Agbaimoni began his project just over four years again when his first child was born. He realized that all of the free time he'd used to capture cityscapes at dusk was likely to disappear. Agbaimoni devised a new project that would fit more comfortably around his work schedule – and it's been growing ever since.

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“In 2018 there were 5 million daily users observing and experiencing the London Underground, it is not surprising that many start to notice aesthetically pleasing aspects of our journeys. The symmetrical passageways, the historic architecture, the new layouts. There truly is beauty in what would first appear as mundane. The aim of the Tube Mapper project is to capture and share some of these visually enjoyable observations."

Agbaimoni hasn't only focused his camera on the London Underground. He's also captured a wide variety of images revolving around London transport, including buses, bicycles, taxis and even the Emirates Airline cable cars.

Luke Agbaimoni's Tube Mappers project is split into a variety of themes, including Symmetry, Reflections, Escalators, Animals and more. You can see more of Agbaimoni's work on his website here. You can also preorder the special first edition of his new book ‘The Tube Mapper Project’.

(Image credit: Luke Agbaimoni)

(Image credit: Luke Agbaimoni)

(Image credit: Luke Agbaimoni)

(Image credit: Luke Agbaimoni)

(Image credit: Luke Agbaimoni)

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