The Panasonic Lumix Photo Walk 2019

The Panasonic Lumix Photo Walk 2019
The Panasonic Lumix Photo Walk took place in Bath, south-west England, in November 2019 (Image credit: Future)

DCM 224 Bath Photo Walk image 6

(Image credit: Future)

The nine participants on our Bath Photo Walk in association with Panasonic Lumix and Sigma were each using a Lumix S1R full-frame mirrorless camera. 

Designed for professionals, experts and advanced amateurs, the Lumix S range consists of the 47.3MP Lumix S1R, plus the 24MP Lumix S1 and the 24.2MP Lumix S1H, which is designed for cinematography. 

There is a growing selection of lenses to accompany these cameras, with more to follow – Panasonic has promised 42 different lenses by the end of 2020. The key factor is Panasonic’s membership of a new L-Mount Alliance with Sigma and Leica. 

All three manufacturers will be producing lenses for this new format, and Sigma has already adapted a number of its Art prime lenses for the L-Mount. 

So buyers of any model in the Lumix S1 range can be confident that they’re investing in a fully fledged system that will enable them to take their photography to the next level. 

Try a Lumix S Series camera for yourself – Panasonic runs a two-week loan period for photographers and videographers. Click here to find out more

Established big-hitters in the DSLR space aren’t the only brands offering compelling products in the fast-developing mirrorless camera market. Other manufacturers have created their own niches to appeal to professionals and keen amateurs alike. 

One such camera is the Panasonic Lumix S1R, the brand’s first full-frame mirrorless model. It packs a 47.3MP image sensor and in-body image stabilization, uses the expanding family of L-Mount lenses, and is renowned for its ability to take high-quality photographs in low light. 

So what better opportunity to test the S1R’s capabilities than during an afternoon photo walk around beautiful Bath? 

Four photo challenges would be set, and nine lucky readers would each be issued with a Panasonic Lumix S1R and a choice of native lenses, augmented by a large tray of leading Sigma glass. 

The four Panasonic Lumix Photo Walk challenges  

  • Challenge 1: Shoot a classic view of Georgian Bath
  • Challenge 2: Blend natural and artificial light for an outdoor low-light shot
  • Challenge 3: Shoot a Roman artefact in the Roman Baths
  • Challenge 4: Take a water reflection shot in the Great Bath

    Cameras ready? Let shooting commence!   

DCM 224 Bath Photo Walk image 4

The Panasonic Lumix Bath Photo Walk participants get a full camera briefing from Panasonic's Josh Cunningham   (Image credit: Future)

Barrie Allington 

  • Location: Yetminster, England  
  • Current camera: Canon EOS 6D, Lumix FZ1000 and TZ60  

(Image credit: Future)

How did it go on the day? “I stuck with one lens, the 35mm, and tried to shoot differently from how I do normally. The quality of the low-light images and the amount of stabilization offered by the S1R is amazing.” 

Our verdict Using the 35mm prime, Barrie took this photograph later on in the day at the Roman Baths. The fixed focal length led Barrie to this interesting crop, with a plethora of leading lines. 

DCM 224 Bath Photo Walk Barrie entry 2

Barrie Allington's entry for Challenge 2: Low-light shot  (Image credit: Barrie Allington)

David Chisem 

  • Location: Cambridge, England  
  • Current camera: Lumix TZ100 and Nikon Z 7  

DCM 224 Bath Photo Walk David headshot

(Image credit: Future)

How did it go on the day? “I typically enjoy taking photographs of people, as well as nature and architecture. I found the 24-105mm very versatile, and used it throughout the day. The images certainly look good on the rear screen!” 

Our verdict Darting into a local shop to grab this colourful shot of the guitars on the wall, David has created an image that allows your eyes to flow across the frame and then back again, as if you were reading a book. 

David Chisem's entry for Challenge 2: Low-light shot  (Image credit: David Chisem)

Ian Good 

  • Location: Sutton Coldfield, England 
  • Current camera: Nikon D500 

DCM 224 Bath Photo Walk Ian headshot

(Image credit: Future)

How did it go on the day? “I’m very familiar with my own camera, so moving from a Nikon to a Lumix took a little adjustment – you know where to put your hand on your own camera. I used the Sigma 35mm f/1.2 with the S1R, and I thought it was a nicely balanced combination.” 

Our verdict Being able to work in the higher ranges of the S1R’s ISO, Ian shot this very atmospheric image in the Roman Baths at night. The dark pillars and background light give the viewer a lot to ponder. We especially like the way the steps lead us back to the layer of steam in the foreground. 

Ian Good's entry for Challenge 3: Roman artefact    (Image credit: Ian Good)

Brett Salako

  • Location: Corsham, England 
  • Current camera: Canon EOS RP 

DCM 224 Bath Photo Walk Brett headshot

(Image credit: Future)

How did it go on the day? “I’m fairly new to photography, having picked it up when my daughter was born – it has been like opening Pandora’s box! I’ve never used a Lumix camera before, and I loved it. The handling with the Lumix S 24-105mm f/4 lens was great – well-balanced and very stable.” 

Our verdict During the walk, Brett picked out this image of a lone wooden Remembrance Day tribute. His use of negative space to isolate the cross enables the image to breathe, and gives the viewer the time to appreciate its meaning.

Brett Salako's entry for Challenge 2: Low-light shot  (Image credit: Brett Salako)

Neil Latham 

  • Location: Barry, Wales    
  • Current camera: Canon EOS 50D and Panasonic GF1 

DCM 224 Bath Photo Walk Neil headshot

(Image credit: Future)

How did it go on the day? “I wanted to escape my comfort zone and try street photography. Shooting at such a fast pace was really challenging, but Bath is absolutely amazing – everywhere you look there’s a picture!”

Our verdict Epitomizing his surroundings, Neil spotted this shop window and created his image of the day. This shot is well-exposed for a scene with many varying areas of light and dark, and retaining the window frame gives the image its very own natural border.

Neil Latham's entry for Challenge 2: Low-light shot     (Image credit: Neil Latham)

Dominic Orosun 

  • Location: Stoke-on-Trent, England  
  • Current camera: Nikon D5500 and Sigma lenses 

(Image credit: Future)

How did it go on the day? “I really enjoyed using the S1R, and took photographs I wouldn’t have been able to get with my Nikon. It’s easy to change the settings, and the 24-105mm lens offered flexibility. The clarity of the images was impressive as well.”

Our verdict Dominic’s framing almost splits this image entirely in half, with the centre of the iconic Royal Crescent appearing right in the middle. As residents begin to turn their lights on for the evening, how could you fail to be intrigued? 

DCM 224 Bath Photo Walk Dominic entry shot

Dominic Orosun's entry for Challenge 1: Georgian grandeur   (Image credit: Dominic Orosun)

Bryan Moiser 

  • Location: York, England  
  • Current camera: Canon EOS 60D  

DCM 224 Bath Photo Walk Bryan headshot

(Image credit: Future)

How did it go on the day? “I started off with a 35mm lens then switched to a 50mm, and was really happy with both. I brought a tripod with me, but because of the camera’s ability to shoot shake-free at low ISOs, I didn’t use it.” 

Our verdict In this beautifully captured and very sharp shot of water reflecting in the Great Bath, the use of the dark foreground immediately exaggerates the walkways around the pool. 

Bryan Moiser's entry for Challenge 3: Reflections   (Image credit: Bryan Moiser)

Steve Everest 

  • Location: Bristol, England 
  • Current camera: Canon EOS 70D  

DCM 224 Bath Photo Walk Steve headshot

(Image credit: Future)

How did it go on the day? “As I had never used the Lumix S1R before, I kept things simple, using auto exposure and auto white balance. I tend to shoot lots of images and just see what happens. I go with the flow and don’t spend too much time constructing images – I prefer to make them better in editing.”

Our verdict Steve took this slightly abstract street shot in Bath’s Queen Square, on the return leg of the outdoor section of the photo walk. We love the way he has captured a group of people in the opposite areas of the scene, to give the viewer some extra detail to look at. 

Steve Everest's entry for Challenge 2: Low-light shot  (Image credit: Steve Everest)

And the winner is... Sam Kill  

  • Location: Bristol, England 
  • Current camera: Panasonic Lumix GH5 and Sony Alpha 6300

DCM 224 Bath Photo Walk Sam headshot

(Image credit: Future)

How did it go on the day? “Getting to shoot on an S1R on location in Bath was why I applied to come along today – I recently bought a Lumix GH5, but am also curious about the S1R. I think the day went well, and I was really happy with the camera. The quality was amazing, even when pushing the ISO to shoot in low light, and the in-body stabilisation gives you even more latitude. Compared with anything else that I’ve ever used, what the S1R allows you to achieve is amazing.” 

See Sam Kill’s winning images 

Our verdict Sam’s images showed a diverse range of creativity and skills: he used various techniques including slow shutter speeds to capture moving lights, and tried shooting from low angles to achieve the kind of feel you see on cinematic posters. Looking at his submissions across all the challenges, Sam invited us to view Bath in a different way. 

DCM 224 Bath Photo Walk prize shot

Sam collects his prize from Digital Camera magazine's editor Niall Hampton. Thanks to Josh Cunningham (pictured) and Carol Hartfree from Panasonic, and Sam Smith from Sigma UK, for their technical advice on the day.  (Image credit: Future)

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