The Canon EOS 850D is finally available – here's where to find it

The Canon EOS 850D is finally available – here's where to find it
(Image credit: Canon)

At long last, the eagerly anticipated Canon EOS 850D – which was announced five months ago – finally has some limited availability. 

A number of cameras were affected by the current coronavirus outbreak, but none have been delayed as much as the Canon EOS 850D. Canon's newest DSLR was announced the day before Valentine's Day, but immediately was almost impossible to actually buy.

Indeed, the camera has been so hard to find that even we have yet to lay our eyes or hands on one – and we usually receive review samples from a separate allocation that's reserved specifically for the press. 

Fast-forward to today and, while the camera is no longer as rare as a unicorn sighting (though some retailers are still awaiting stock with no ETA), the 850D is now  in stock at a number of outlets. 

In the UK the camera is being listed as available by a number of sellers, and we've compiled some links below, but Amazon is currently offering the best price:

Canon EOS 850D: £819.99UK deal

Canon EOS 850D: £819.99
Canon's latest DSLR features a 24.1MP APS-C sensor, and can capture video at 4K 25fps and 1080p 60fps. It's set to be a great all-rounder for both stills and video.
UK deal

The Canon EOS 850D is the successor to two separate bodies: the one-off Canon EOS 77D (like a 750D / T6i but with small top LCD plate) and Canon EOS 800D, both launched in early 2017.

The 24.1MP DSLR will feature upgrades in the form of a faster 7fps continuous shooting speed and a Digic 8 processor, along with Intelligent Tracking (iTR) AF and the metering sensor found in the Canon EOS 90D – a setup that's ideal for fast-moving sport and wildlife subjects, and also offers face detect. 

Another key improvement is the addition of 4K video up to 25fps (along with 1080p up to 60fps), with 5-Axis Movie Digital IS for smooth, controlled footage. Now that it's finally becoming available, it should offer a worthy update for many DSLR users. 

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